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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Give-Away !

Here's a little give-away.  I'll leave it up for 2 weeks and then do a random pick of 3 names and let you know.

They're 3 variations of a collage that I altered in Photoshop.

©L.Ciacco, Dance Card #1, digital collage on watercolour paper

Each is printed on Strathmore's postcard water colour paper (4x6")

©L.Ciacco, Dance Card #2, digital collage on watercolour paper

and enhanced with hand-drawn gold ink details.
The colours are softer on the hard copy than how they look on the computer screen.

©L.Ciacco, Dance Card #3, digital collage on watercolour paper

If you'd like to toss your name into the beret for a chance to receive one of these cards, just leave a comment on this post indicating that you're interested.  
I'll randomly pick out 3 names from the hat and announce the recipients on Wednesday August 1.


  1. pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!!!! i love your art and would love to give the card a home!

  2. Oh it would be lovely to have a piece of your art. It's really sweet of your to do this. Hope your summer is shaping up to be a great one. Suki

  3. I'd love to win a piece of your art. Love all that gold!!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  4. I'll put my dancing shoes on ~ Hugs

  5. A contest?! Better than 6/49!

    I see you in my dreams
    Write to you each day
    Ponder future fortunes
    Since you have gone away

    I'm thinking now of Kismet
    Why you had to go
    And follow other stars
    In lands I do not know

    I'll wait here in patience
    Bide my time 'till when
    You return to where you started
    And we can dance again

  6. This is a very generous give-away! Each one is beautiful so put my name in the beret...I'm in for this and hopeful!

  7. Love it! Count me in.

  8. Oh, most definitely... I am interested!


  9. Thanks for coming to see my Frida and leaving me such a nice comment. Much appreciated. Lynn

  10. Anonymous7/29/2012

    Like Kenny, I would like to dive into your Pool for a chance at winning a piece of your Art.


  11. Anonymous7/29/2012

    I just love your artwork...happy...and delighted for a chance at winning a piece of your art.


  12. Oh my gosh, I was a working fool all this past week and missed this until now... of course, of course, of course, it goes without saying that I am most interested, indeed thrilled, at the opportunity to dive into your, errrrr, pool (I almost wrote "décolleté", but that would have been a Freudian slip up of monumental proportions and probably would have disqualified me from the drawing, so happily I didn't !) But yes, please put me in the hat, or whatever recipient will be used to draw from... a toad doesn't take up much space...

  13. oh how sad to have missed this frrr (but happy for the lucky ones, I imagine Owen's joy :-)

    (i am travelling these day, i am now in Berlin and i couldn't be much online, i try to catch up with the blogland any time i can)

  14. Roxana,
    First we take Manhattan, then you take Berlin?
    Sorry you missed the give-away, too, but what a good reason for doing so!
    Always lovely to catch sight of you--no matter how fleeting.