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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Playing With My Food

I went to a dinner party last night and thought I'd offer up a dish from it for Bonnie's Photo Art Friday (which is open for business all weekend).

I enhanced the original image with a texture from Shadowhouse Creations and an old café receipt from Graphics Fairy, both downloadable for free on their blogs (see my sidebar for links).  A little more texture was given to the background with another photo I took of the linen tablecloth.  I cropped the picture to give it more visual impact. 

This is the original image.  Not a great photo, but perfect fodder food for digital play.

While I'm at it, here's a picture with a similar theme

Hmm...all this looking at food has given me an appetite! 
While I'm chowing down on some lunch, I think I'll cruise through the delectables being served up on the other participants' sites. All their links are over at Bonnie's.

Bon appétit!



  1. That image looks like it stepped right out of a Bon Appetit magazine! Your editing is simply inspiring.

    Thank you so much for sharing your ever delicious talents with Photo Art Friday - and for the kind words in your post. :)

  2. I'm wondering what kind of magic you can do with a picture of pork & beans
    which I had for supper last night.
    I know, you can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear as Nana Newport used to say.

  3. Bonnie,
    My friend suggested I bring my camera to the supper as she felt there would be interesting things to photograph as well as eat. I was dubious...but she was so right! I'm happy to have something to share in your weekend gallery.

  4. Shirl,
    If I get wind of a method to transform the humble bean dish and serve it up as a gourmet serving in Photoshop I'll give you a toot.

  5. Very impressive food shot. Love the textures you have added and the cropped composition.

  6. the edited photo is incredible - and looks sooooo yummy!!!
    thanks for leaving a comment at my blog:)ss

  7. (haha, the two "s" at the end have absolutely no meaning, don´t even try to guess... i just couldn´t see the verification word, typed any key to get a new one...)

  8. I think you could get a job doing adverts, really. such a lovely image and yes i too am hungry after viewing.

  9. Nadege,
    Thanks so much. I don't ususally photograph food so it was a good challenge for me.

  10. johanna,
    I'm glad it looks yummy. I don't think I've reached "mouth watering" capacity yet, but it's my best food shot thus far.

    Thanks for explaining the "ss" to me. For a minute there, I thought you were hissing!

  11. sukipoet,
    If I got a job doing ads, I might be rich but I doubt I'd be happy. But hey, one out of two wouldn't be so bad! Hmmm...I wonder what other sort of subliminal motivations can I provoke with my images (insert diabolical laugh here).

  12. Excellent.
    Looks very professional
    (and appetizing).

  13. I love how we can take a photo that is just "okay" and make it literally sing! This is evidence of that. Love the textures with it.

  14. DebC,
    If your mouth has watered even just a little, my job is done.

  15. Marilyn,
    It is fun, isn't it! I seem to be drawn by the not so good photo to work with rather than my better ones. I guess I like the challenge of a rescue...or maybe it's related to the process I go through with a painting...messing up and then having to "fix" it. Usually the mistake is what provokes the happy solution.