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Friday, August 26, 2011

Wheel of Fortune

As promised, I continued work on my Tarot Card series, and here is the latest addition.  The border of the card and the circle shape are actually a shiny copper, and I couldn't make either my scanner or Photoshop tampering reproduce the more purplish tone of the girl's shirt.  But you get the idea, yes?

©2011 L.Ciacco, Wheel of Fortune, Tarot Cards Series, acrylic on paper, 7 x 5 in.

The wheel generally indicates a change in one's fortunes, for better or worse.  Movement and change in one's circumstances.  The time I had this for my Year Card, the year started out well but ended...not so great.  It can indicate a change in direction, or being at a turning point in one's life, or perhaps even going around in circles.  At any rate, hang on tight and stay focused when the wheel is in motion! 



  1. I love this delicious composition of the Ferris wheel with this exquisite purple.

  2. Nothing to change. The card is beautiful. I can even see the movement, or is it because I feel it in my own life?


  3. You are one amazing artist! While her body looks very comfortable in the wheel - her eyes tell a different story - or is it the contents of the martini glass (that is a martini glass isn't it?) that give her eyes that look?!

    Love it!

  4. Looks to me like she is ready to leap off that wheel when it stops turning and face whatever Fortune has lined up for her.

    This is one of my favourite Tarot Cards and you have nailed it.

  5. I can always remember my Wheel of Fortune Years...big change and plenty of up and down. You have a great moving composition and I bet the copper looks great!

  6. I like that a lot. Almost illuminated manuscript design, but with a druggy edge.

  7. Leovi,
    I hadn't thought of it as a Ferris Wheel but I really do like that interpretation. Glad you like the purple!

  8. Ötli,
    This is a good card for you because of its Ö shape! Maybe that's why you sense the movement.

  9. Bonnie,
    Very perceptive! It is indeed a martini glass and it may or may not have something to do with the spinning sensation and that look in her eyes!

  10. Shirl,
    I think it might be the gambler in you that is drawn to the Wheel of Fortune card! I like the spin you've put on my card--that she's about to leap off and face whatever fortune has in store for her (aided by a good stiff drink, you'll note!)

  11. Blue Sky,
    I'm glad to have my own interpretation/experience of the Wheel of Fortune year confirmed. Ups and downs for sure! Am very pleased that you see movement in the composition. I wasn't too sure if I'd got it right.

  12. Marginalia,
    I love illuminated manuscripts! Hadn't thought of that. O is for opium?

  13. I love this! Her purple looks like the moon sliver/woman in the moon. But, her legs are freaking out and trying to get off. And the look on her face says "maybe this wasn't such a great idea". I identify - the wheel of fortune is not necessarily good fortune.

    Hey - do you do tarot readings?

  14. Love the colours and composition,it's a pity metallic materials are so temperamental when being photographed,but I can imagine how the copper will light up.Will she put the glass down when the wheel starts to spin?

  15. That is so awesome. I enjoyed reading the comments too. I guess we can all relate, whether we feel we are currently spinning round and round on that wheel and wish it would stop or we could hop off, or remember a time when life was just like that. The colors are fabulous and so is her pose, outfit and facial expression. A warm, compassionate artwork that clearly brings forth a strong emotional response!

  16. Susan,
    You mean like cartoon legs when they're trying to find purchase in mid-air? That's funny. Yes, she's trying to get some solid ground under her. Maybe she's a bit wobbly from the martini. Drinking some false courage to face whatever Fortune rolls her way.
    Short answer, no I don't do Tarot readings. Long answer, I used to do readings for myself, with the aid of several books, and got some good insights but no prognostications.

  17. Forest Dream,
    I bet you do understand the difficulty of getting metallic substances (paint, thread) to show up in photographs as I notice that you often use metallic threads in your own work.

    I think the girl will gulp that drink down pretty quickly once the wheel starts to turn and hang on for dear life.

  18. Stickup,
    I'm so pleasantly surprised by the warm and strong reactons that this card has evinced in the visitors here. I guess it's because we're all hoping for good fortune to turn our way as we try to outrun the bad. Round and round we go...
    "A warm compassionate art work"? Wow! I am humbled by such praise--and gladdened.