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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Stella wondered if acquiring two felines from the SPCA would categorize her as a crazy cat lady.
Who's counting?

[This (scratching) post is dedicated to my own dear little cat, Tasha,
who went wandering off on an Adventure one night last week and didn't come back.]

Miss Tasha 1993-2011



  1. oh i am so sorry about Tasha. but dont give up hope. Mr. Bibs went missing twice!! each time for two weeks. One time he was trapped in a neighbor's basement. I dont know where he was the second time. But he returned tired and weary.

  2. Is a cat a tonic? Yes!

    Wishing Tasha a circular path to return to whereshe is loved.

  3. Oh - how sad. Perhaps she will yet find her way back to you.

    Love your Maxim of the Week - as I do every week!

  4. sukipoet,
    Talk about the secret lives of cats! My aunt told me a friend's cat disappeared for a year, came back for 2 days, and left again. I rather think my kitty has been "taken" (coyotes and birds of prey around here): a case of the hunter becoming the hunted. Such is Nature in all its fierce version of "fair play."

  5. DCW,
    Yes, a cat is a tonic, and its disappearance a catastrophe.

  6. Bonnie,
    Such a small but mighty presence was the wee Tasha. But in her disappearing, she has freed me to wander as well. No more pets! At least until such a time that I no longer wish to travel any further than the corner store for cat food.
    I'm glad you're a fan of the maxims.

  7. A dignified exit. No fuss, no muss, it was just time to go.
    Fare thee well little kitty.

  8. carmenooch,
    I think the exit was more of the unintentioned rather than the dignified sort. But, yes, I am extremely grateful for the 'no fuss no muss' part of the equation.

  9. Beautiful drawing tribute to Tasha. I had a cat returned home poisoned to death, was an excruciating death.

  10. Quite an armfull,the cats both look pretty pleased with themselves,Stella may be having second thoughts!
    So sad to hear about Tasha,and no time to say good-bye.......sounds like you know she won't return.

  11. Leovi,
    That is one instance when one would certainly have preferred that the cat not come back. I'm sorry to have reminded you of that dreadful experience.

  12. Forest Dream,
    I think it will work out fine with Stella and the cats.

    Tasha had very good survival instincts and has never stayed away this long. Especially now that she is/was older, she liked the comforts of home. The coyotes in the area have become more of a problem in the past year and I suspect them. Also, I had a weird sort of worried feeling the night it turned out she disappeared. Indeed, I will be very surprised if she turns up again. In some ways, it's a less painful parting, not having had to say goodbye.

  13. Nice question.
    And poor adorable cat! Tasha seems to be a drawing! I hope it's back now????

  14. Ötli,
    Sometimes hard to know when enough is too much! The real question is, how many cats does Stella already have!

    No, my wee cat has not come back. At least I know that she had a good long life and was well loved with us.

  15. It is sad indeed when one's pet is gone, but Tasha took it on her own terms, maybe gambled and lost. Worse, I think, when one is forced to have them "put to sleep". I'm still not over my adopted "boys", Bert and Fritz, even if they weren't so popular with certain members of my family, no names, please.

  16. Shirl,
    You're right--Tasha always managed to have things on her own terms. She insisted on heading out that night. She was aware of the dangers. I'm sure it was a better exit for her than getting feeble and sick and having to be carted off to the vet to be put down. I was dreading that day, and hoped I wouldn't have to face it.
    As for certain people not caring for your two adopted "boys" thank you for maintaining my anonyminity.

  17. I love the maxim, but am so sorry about Tasha. I hope she finds her way home.

  18. Oh no, and such a cute little cat. That little face and pose are too adorable. I won't add to all the stories, just hope and pray she finds here way back home soon.

  19. Sharmon,
    Happy that you relate to the maxim. Tasha may well have found her way to the big litter box in the sky, I'm afraid.

  20. Stickup,
    She was a cutie, all right. Everyone thought she was still a kitten, even though she was pushing 18 years. Thanks for your best wishes, but I do believe she's a goner.