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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Swami Wannadoo tried to be at one with the  pain of having accidentally sat on his beard.
There is no such thing as an accident.




  1. Folly calls.

    WV brairiee - Saskatchewan with thorn bushes

  2. I suppose that's why we need to stay present1

  3. is this like back in the 60's when we all sat on our Joan Baez hair? LOL

  4. owmmmmmmm ... lol ... and he came within a hair of being enlightened!

  5. Bonita obra con este simpático mago. A veces los accidentes nos proporcionan excelentes descubrimientos.

  6. DCW,
    Folly calls? Well that was a hair pin turn of phrase!

  7. Forest Dream,
    Good point!

  8. sukipoet,
    That's so funny! Now it's my turn to LOL.
    I could only ever suffer from Joan Baez Hair Envy.

  9. Bonnie,
    LOL! I guess poor old Wannadoo lost his nirvana.

  10. Leovi,
    Muchas gracias por su commentario.
    That is how I guess I would thank you in Spanish. Alas, I have lost the little Spanish that I learned while living briefly in Spain. However, I do believe I understood your message!

  11. He didn't wannadoo it! Methinks it must have been an accident ~

  12. Your commenters are all so clever! As for the Swami, he looks tied up in knots! No wonder he ended up sitting on his beard. Now that's what I call some twisted logic!

  13. Owmmmmm! Perfect, painful self-expression! This was a good one, Lynne. I'm thinking the key lies in your maxim: "There is no such thing as an accident." I think that is quite true. I looked up hair and beard pulling which is attributed to impulse control issues(?) Hurting oneself in general comes from low self-esteem and depression, although taking pleasure in self-inflicting pain is also a kind of depression? The Swami looks pretty happy! The smile, gem in the turban, chic flowing gown, magic carpet = self-esteem? Will we be seeing him again? I think so!!

  14. Driftwood,
    Perhaps it was the devil that made him do it!

  15. Stickup,
    The swami was being a knotty boy!

  16. Margaret,
    I love your researching! I would say that the swami is indeed suffering from impulse control issues and that is likely why he took to meditation in the first place. I might also venture to suggest, again in accordance with your research, that our swami might take a considerable amount of pleasure in self-inflicted pain! I'd be surprised if the swami does turn up again here (especially as he's been so thoroughly analysed)because he is the result of a spontaneous scribble drawing and, thus, unrepeatable (as are we all!)