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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting to Know You

It is nothing short of amazing how people all over the world connect through blogging.  Without this modern- day magic our paths would never cross, our ideas never be shared with each other, our histories left largely unknown, our artwork, for the most part, displayed locally or not at all.  But with blogging, the world is our oyster and we have the means to crack it open and find the pearl. 

One such pearl I recently came across, as she was prying open the entrance to Ragzedge, was British writer Deborah Lawrenson's blog featuring her writing, photos, and "Provence, the Luberon and an old house on a hill...".    It was with great surprise and pleasure that I recently received an e-mail from her asking if she might use a piece of my digital art on her blog, which I readily agreed to. 

My City Lupins picture, which I previously posted here last June, caught her eye and stirred up early associations with her own "crumbling home" in the Luberon, which you can read about, in her lushly descriptive and evocative style, on her blog posting today.  I also suggest you explore Deborah's website to get to know more about her and her work. 

Sorry for the lack of visuals with the video but isn't it a sweet rendition? Yes, it's lovely getting to know blog friends, day by day.



  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, blogging is fun and opens the door to new friendships and gives us landlocked individuals a chance to travel the world on the wings of the airwaves with no hassels whatsoever. I'm even getting to know you better and I'm your mother!

  2. This is a great piece and thanks for the connection to Deborah's blog. So true about this blog has widened my world for sure.

  3. It has been a real pleasure this end too, Lynne - I've been very struck by your work, and I look forward to having some fun with the second part of our mingling of art and words.

  4. Found you on Deborah's site. Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. What a wonderful tribute by Deborah Lawrenson to your creative take on city lupine! I wouldn't be surprised if she used her impressions--art of entanglement, melancholy, creeping damp, ovverrun sky--in her new gothic-esuqe novel which takes place in Luberon. Maybe "city lupine" will be on the bookjacket?
    I was interested in her take on aromatherapy... Now I will have to read The Lantern!

  6. Shirl,
    What a lovely take on it--travelling without the hassle. And I'm glad that you're getting to know another side of me, other than my usual daughter role. I enjoy your amusing and perceptive comments, too!

  7. Blue Sky Dreaming,
    It's fun being able to connect people this way. I used to love doing connect-the-dots puzzles when I was a little kid, then colour in the pictures they made. I think blogging is kind of an updated version.

  8. Deborah,
    Yes, I'm looking forward to Part 2as well, especially after having had a sneak peek! I'll probably post links to it from my other blog when the time comes as that's where I have the link to yours docked. The web widens...

  9. Kelly,
    I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance. Thanks so much for stopping by--and leaving such an encouraging remark. Gorgeous is good!

  10. margaret,
    Yes, wasn't Deborah generous in her praise of my work?! I see you have quite an active imagination as well...already envisioning book jackets and Gothicesque tales. Deborah is certainly drawing us into her web.
    Thank you for visiting.

  11. I love the way flowers make connections all over the world.
    Deborah certainly has a wonderful way with words and it's always pleasure to read her blog.

    Happy blogging!

  12. what a great post. i can see why she loved your picture. her home and photos remind me of some of yours of Italy and the ensuing collages you made with them.

    She has a interesting blog and a place to live to die for for sure.

    thanks for the intro.

    i know a bit how you feel having another blogger ask to reproduce something you posted. as another blogger asked me if she could republish a poem i wrote. it makes a person feel that the small things one does reach beyond and out into the world. have some resonance with others.

  13. Deborah Lawrenson wrote a beautiful post about you... So thanks to Deborah for the discovery and to you... and to you for your beautiful work that makes me smile :)

  14. Forest Dream Weaver,
    I hadn't considered flowers in that light before but you are so right. What a beautiful thought.
    I think that it's through your blog that Deborah found mine, so thanks for that, too!

  15. sukipoet,
    I have the same sort of feeling about Deborah's house--a place to live to die for! And yes, very reminiscent of the palazzos in my paintings.

    You hit the nail right on the head about how pleasing it is to find that "that the small things one does reach beyond and out into the world."

    Amazing, really, isn't it.

  16. Ötli,
    I couldn't agree with you more, Deborah's blog post about me is fantastic. And I'm so pleased that you took the time to come over here, take a look around, and find reasons to smile.

  17. blogging - the 21st century version of pen pals :)

  18. carmenooch,
    yes, you should try it sometime.

    Just teasing! I often think of blogging in just the same way, only pen pals with pictures and instant gratification!

    I hope you've recovered from your ordeal at the Sylvia the other day.

  19. I imagine you wearing, close to your heart, a long strand of pearls that grows in length daily - one pearl one connection at a time. You look lovely ~

  20. Driftwood,
    What a lovely thought! And each pearl would be a different size and shape and colour, wouldn't it; unique unto itself and yet part of a greater whole. Close to my heart, so always kept warm, and always reminding me of its precious presence.
    Pearls of wisdom from Driftood & Turtles!