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Monday, June 14, 2010

City Lupins

Creativity manifests however it will. These days I am spending hours in front of the computer, making a new website, managing photo files, updating my blogs. I'm just not in my studio, in spite of having unfinished projects languishing up there. The energy and concentration for doing that work isn't in me right now. Each artist, I believe, must respect her rhythm and abilities and drive, or lack thereof. My painting teacher once said that mood is irrelevant to one's work. Isn't it Twyla Tharp who said that first of all you have to show up. Well, I'm just not showing up in my studio, and I can't seem to force it. However, I am showing up, day after day, in front of the computer. And every so often, the creative energy seeks its release in a form of digital art. This is a recent example. It's composed of a photo of lupins in my yard, super-imposed with a digital "stamp" (or brush) that I made from a photo of a street in Montreal last winter; added to this are various blending effects.

The feeling I was going after was a combination of pen & ink, mixed with water colour. The composition itself is a sort of city meets country. Or perhaps on another level, it speaks of the creative spirit rising up in spite of the environment in which it finds itself.


  1. It's beautiful. I love the laciness of the black lines along with the subtle colors.

  2. Thanks, Robin. It's very encouraging to hear that you like it, that you get what I'm doing. I think my painting technique is spilling over into my digital expression; hopefully the energy will flow in the opposite direction (ie. pixels influence paint) at some point.

  3. I too find this beautiful. Very creative to put these images together. Ditto what Robin says about the black lines.

  4. Sukipoet,
    It makes my heart glad to read your comment. With positive feedback from both you and Robin I feel like I am perhaps not wasting my time after all with this preoccupation I presently have with making digital "art." I must stop apologizing for it, too, I think.

  5. it's lovely, and full of motion and energy, i feel them growing into a dancing forest! this makes me remember that i shot them swaying in the wind in a garden in Paris, last year...

  6. Roxana,
    What a romantic image, shooting lupins in a garden in Paris. These lupins were in my yard, and the buildings behind are in Montreal,near where my daughter lives. And now this picture is on a blog from the Luberon. Definitely a French connection happening here.