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Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Acts of Blogging

I sat down at the computer tonight, thinking I'd find a few pictures to post on my home-and-away blog, Décolleté, but instead I found myself lost for hours, playing happily in Photoshop with an old mixed media painting of mine I randomly happened upon in my files.  Below is the end result of a few hours of tinkering...

Digital collage of found image (Japanese woodblock) with original mixed media painting by L.Ciacco

This was where a mixed media painting of mine started (go here to see where it ended up) and  is what I used as the underlay for the new digital collage shown above. 
With added layers of textures and various blending modes, I toned everything down...

and dropped in the image of a woodblock print that I'd found on the internet...

But it bugs me to use other artist's images, no matter how long ago they left this world, or what sort of clever post-modern reference I may or may not be making to their art or an art genre by incorporating it into my own work, so I felt compelled to try one of my own photos in place of the woodblock.

This bike was parked outside a grocery store (dépanneur) on a Montreal street....
but through some digital hocus pocus, it is magically transported to a mysterious Asian town.

©2010 L.Ciacco, Bicyclette-Montréal, Digitally Altered Photo

Do you recognize various elements from the original painting?

And as it's now 3:30 a.m. I think I'll layer myself into the background of my cozy bed and blend my mind with the magic of Dreamland. 

Tomorrow I'll hop on the bike and take a little tour around the blogs on my handlebars side bar. 

See you then.

Bonne nuit!



  1. well I must say that the result is very good, intresting, and I like a lot the colours that you have done

  2. Your artistic cycle is very satisfactory. From Atlantic shore to Asian coast with narry a wet foot.

    WV "rueless" - you would need a cross country bike in Québec for this

  3. nouvelles couleurs,
    Thanks! I know that you use colours brilliantly in your paintings so I'm happy that you like a lot of the ones used here. Playing with pixels is not quite as satisfying as moving real paint around, but the surprising results are fun.

  4. DCW,
    My artistic cycle! Haha--very good. Yes, not a wet foot to be found--you spokes the truth.

    Rueless in Quebec would require a skidoo these days.

  5. i always feel a certain nostalgia - for lack of a better word - when seeing your work, Lynne... it's difficult to put into words. i'll think about it and come back with a more articulate comment when i have it :)

  6. Manuela,
    The description of what you feel--a certain nostalgia, difficult to put into words--pleases me no end.

  7. Driftwood,
    "Cycleogically"! Haha! I see you don't have to peddle hard at all to keep up with DCW's spinning wheels of punnery.

  8. Such an interesting process of intention and stream of consciousness combined. It is wonderful to get to see some of the various steps and have them explained. I wouldn't worry too much about using found images. Just ask Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp. I love that Japanese woodblock one. But do understand the desire to make a piece wholly your own and the bicycle photo is equally lovely. Great journey. You are a digital explorer!

  9. Now that looks like fun...

  10. Now you're cooking !

    Can I get some birds nest soup with that ?

    (ps I like it)

  11. Stickup Artist,
    Me, a digital explorer? I love it! I think I'll put it on my business card...if I had a business or a card.

    Actually, I have a new printer and intend to start printing some of these digital explorations, so maybe I will have a business of sorts.

    It's very popular these days for people to "borrow" from other people's work (old photos, cards, paintings), kind of like sampling in (mostly) rap music, I guess. While I am fascinated by this process, as an artist who can actually draw (if I put my mind to it) and paint, and make reasonable photographs, I hesitate to "cheat" with such borrowing...but it sure is tempting and it sure is fun, and it's certainly a whole lot quicker and easier. Thanks for the encouragement.

  12. Gwen,
    It is! It is fun! And so much easier than moving heavy rocks around. Though not as good for burning calories or building muscle.

  13. BrOwen,
    But am I cooking with gas? (burp)
    Judging by the lady's hairdo, I do believe birds nest soup may indeed be on the menu.

    I'm so glad to see you managed to bike over here without mishap. Thanks for bringing the wine!

    (ps good)

  14. "found myself lost for hours" How magical is that!! I love what you do with these programs. The bike is stupendous.

  15. sukipoet,
    Isn't that the most marvellous part about making art...the losing of self, yet never being more at one with one's self? I'm so pleased you like the bike! Feel free to take it for a spin.

  16. My, oh my... These are gorgeous, especially that first one... so sumptuous with all the rich layering. I feel the same as you do about not using someone else's art as at least the main part of my work. Nevertheless, I'd love to have a print of that top image!

  17. Beautifully created! These holidays, if it's not too hot and sunny, I may well sit down at the computer proper and play with Photoshop, have had it on the PC for about a year and rarely do anything with it. Once again, you're inspiring! (Ok, is that enough grovelling to get that last sip please, I don't think Owen wants any - he looks a bit 'run down')

  18. Sharmon,
    I'll put the woodblock layered image on my list of things to try printing on my fancy new printer! It will be really interesting to see how well my digital art translates from the computer screen to hardcopy. I've made some very nice cards from my art work in the past, so I'm hopeful.

  19. Saj,
    So happy to see you wobbled your way over here. Too bad about the mishap with our bro, but toads are rubbery little creatures so I'm sure he'll bounce back.

    It's so odd to think of you sweltering away over the Xmas hols. while we're shivering up north. Feel free to torment us with pix of sun, sand, sea, and tropical quaffs!

    I warn you, Photoshop is a dangerous and addictive road to go down! If you click on

    *Coffee Shop
    *Kim Klassen's Cafe
    *Shadowhouse Creations

    listed on my sidebar and dig around in each of those blogs, you'll discover all sorts of free tips, tutorials, and downloadable layers to play with in Photoshop.

    But don't say I didn't warn you.