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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Tea Reader

I've finished another of the 3 small canvasses seen in my July 24 posting. This one was inspired by a label from a box of tea my friend, Susan, in Seattle had. The image of an Asian lady holding a tea bowl was too precious to throw away so I brought it home with me. I glued it to the previously textured canvas, added origami papers, tissue, tulle and threads, then went at it with paints. This was one of those times when I just had to trust that it would all turn out well in the end. Like the Tea Reader, I looked to find what was revealed once the "swirling" had stopped.


  1. Driftwood & Turtles8/08/2007


  2. i absolutely adore this one, oh - mesmerized! as you know (or if not, then there is a "tea" label on the Bridge), i can't resist the tea topic so this painting strikes a double chord! no matter how challenging the photoshop reworking of the earlier versions of this painting may be, my heart is still here, for ever! :-)

  3. Roxana,
    It is always such a delight to find you lingering in the abandonned galleries of my blog's backpages. Shall we indulge in a pot of Cream of Earl Grey? I brought back a good supply from a tea shop in Montreal. A little smoother, a little richer and somehow creamier than the usual, though always delicious, Earl Grey.

  4. ps. I couldn't find a tea label on the bridge.

  5. mmm, what a wonderful invitation, thank you, dear Lynne!

    sorry, it is called Poetics of tea :-)

    this one:

  6. ah yes,
    "the sound of the wind in the pines"
    "the distance of a thousand seas
    between us
    the closeness of a thousand gifts"
    "my beautiful friend
    lower the blinds
    no tea is left"

    Thank you for providing the link. I shall think of you each time I have tea now.