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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Spontaneous Squiggles

Before I go any further with my maxim postings, I should explain how the illustrations for them come about. It's simple: I go into my studio in the morning, take a piece of watercolour paper and a pencil, close my eyes and make a spontaneous squiggle with pencil on paper. It takes a matter of seconds. Later in the day, I go back and peer and squint at the squiggle, maybe turn it upside down, until I discern some sort of character or animal in it. I then add a few minor lines and details, paint it in, and make up a story go with it. The trickiest part is then finding the maxim to fit the illustration. I was doing one a day, until life (and death) interfered. But I have over a hundred so we're good for a couple of years at least!

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