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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Maxim of the Week

Although Rita the cleaning lady is grateful for the designer clothes her employer no longer wants, she's not sure that they're quite her style.
It's better to give than to receive.



  1. It worked!!! Will explain this pm.

  2. Rita's instincts are probably correct. I too would not be able to wear expensive designer clothing without feeling both guilty and ridiculous. Though I can appreciate the artistry that goes into any creation. Just not for me and my friend Rita.

  3. Jackie,
    Glad to see you...virtually, and in person.

  4. Stickup Artist,
    You and your friend Rita! That's way cool. Are you sure you couldn't get a groove on with those red boots with the purple fake rabbit fur trim, though? Maybe not so good for hiking in the California mountains. Designer clothes...haute couture...the prices alone are NUTS! Fun to look at as works of art, I guess, though I refused to pay $20 to visit an exhibit of a famous clothes designer's work when it was being exhibited at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Montreal.

  5. You weren't channelling my mother when you did this post, were you?

    WV: trimurco - trim 'er just about anywhere

  6. DCW,
    I've heard that your mother was a real character.

  7. Her name was Rita, she was a cleaning lady and some of her acquisitions along the way were, shall we say, a little eccentric.

  8. DCW,
    Be it known that all characters depicted in this blog are purely fictional and that the artist bears no responsibility for the similarity to or the actions of actual persons, living or deceased.

    But what a wild co-inkydink!