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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willow Weep For Me

It's lovely to see you here in my studio again.  It's been awhile!  Have a cup of jasmine tea or warmed sake with me while we look at this little Asian-influenced composition I dreamed up this morning.

©2010 L.Ciacco, Chinatown Willow, Digital Image/Photoshop CS2

I had a fun day walking through Chinatown when I was there, especially through a "hidden" garden where I saw this lovely willow.

Somewhere on the internet I found that "The meaning of the willow tree varies across the world, but willow trees are often associated with death, femininity and healing."  Quite the gamut! 

To see the original photo of this scene, and others from my wanderings in Vancouver's Chinatown, please do take a peek into my Décolleté blog.  For those of you who have arrived here from there, enjoy the warmed cup of tea or sake that I promised you--you've earned it! 



  1. The weeping willow seems to be transported into a shower of light, like fireworks just as they start their downward path.

  2. oh, the perfect autumn colours, so subdued here and yet so rich, soothing and full of melancholy - simply wonderful!

    (i am closing my eyes now, to better dive into this yellow - and to savour the jasmin flavour, of course :-)

  3. Stickup Artist,
    Ooh, what a lovely description. Chinese fireworks! How appropriate.

  4. Roxana,
    Ah, yes, you would be drawn to the melancholic mood. Isn't the aroma of jasmine tea just as soothing...almost its flavour? I could certainly have used a steaming cup of it the day that I took this photo.

  5. Lovely- I just live for that green, and the feeling it brings- I can't really put it into words. What medium is it?

  6. Sorry- I see now that it's digital. Duh!

  7. Oh I love how you turned this into a glowing dream! I haven't been to Vancouver for several years--you are making me yearn for a return trip.

  8. Sharmon,
    Isn't that green amazing?! Even though it's an autumn photo, that green speaks of spring, new growth, hope and flowing life to me. Ah, the magic of Photoshop!

  9. Robin,
    A glowing dream--what a lovely description. May I suggest a trip to Vancouver in cherry blossom season? Now that is a truly magical time, seeing the streets lined with canopies and carpets of tender pink.

  10. i love it!!
    and the original
    i would love to see the transformation from begining to end

  11. Nancy,
    Thanks! It's quite a long process of trial and error...well, not error--more like horror at some of the effects I try. Maybe on a future post I'll include pictures of the things I use for the textured layers.

  12. it looks like you spray painted the tree and let it drip.
    you can get lost in ps trying on every blending mode and filter!!!

  13. nancy,
    The Photoshop equivalent of dripped paint: the cloning stamp!

    Yes, those blending modes are like the dessert table at a buffet--"I've just got to try one more...oh, and maybe this one as well." Good thing they're not fattening.