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Friday, November 12, 2010

Old Home Week

When I arrived in Vancouver last week I was delighted to discover that my former painting teacher, Robert Michener, was having a show at a local gallery.

Robert Michener, Springfield Llama Farm  1989  Oil on linen  45" x 68"

He's exhibiting a wide spectrum of the work he's created over 5 decades of being a painter.  To see more go to the Ian Tan Gallery and to Michener's own website.

By a remarkable coincidence, his wife and former student, Ann Nelson, had a show of her paintings at the nearby Petley Jones gallery.

Ann Nelson, Saltspring Island Butterfly Bluffs, oil on canvas

To see more of Ann's delightful paintings visit Ann's website.

And not only that, I met up at Ann's opening with an old friend who was a fellow art student with me, John Haig, back in the day.  Visit John's website, too!

John Haig, The Rest of the Wanderer, oil on canvas

Each of these beautiful paintings does a wonderful job of conveying the scenery and feelings I experience every time I come back to my birthplace.  Gee, it feels good to be back home, even if I am only visiting.

By the way, it would seem that Santa Claus is also an art fan as he made an early appearance at Ann's opening at the Petley Jones Gallery.  Who knew?  So be sure to add a request for a piece of original art work when you write your letter to  Santa this holiday season.



  1. What a delightful set of coincidences! And such a great variety of styles all springing forth from the same teacher. I will visit all these website. Great to have you back after what sounds like a wonderful visit home!

  2. Hi Stickup,
    I'm in Vancouver for another week yet! Plans afoot to meet up with another old friend--now an excellent crafter--at my alma mater (Emily Carr University of Art & Design, I think it's called now; formerly the Vancouver School of Art). Stay tuned for a follow-up report.
    Hey--we're on the same coast! So near, yet so far.

  3. Anonymous11/17/2010

    Hi Lynne,
    Your blog is very beautiful! As are your new paintings!!!!
    I am honored.
    What a delightful surprise it was to run into you on Granville St!

    Thank you,

  4. i can only imagine how wonderful these moments are for you... and am so glad you are sharing them with us...

  5. Roxana,
    Making these rather unexpected connections with people from my past and testing the links is like adding another charm to the friendship bracelet. And, incredibly, I ran into another friend on the bus the other day whom I had thought I wouldn't be able to visit this time out here.

  6. Amazing how your home d'origine speaks to so many different artists in so many different ways. And how it speaks to you, too!♥

  7. Margaret,
    I chose these particular paintings for the very reason that they remind me of my roots...although I've never painted those roots myself. Perhaps it's time I did.