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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maxim of the Week

Having undergone an extreme make-over
and wearing couturier clothes,
Marsha feels ready to confront her ex-husband.
If looks could kill.



  1. Oh yes, it's a "you go girl" moment. Love her bag, the updo and sparkling expression. The maxim is funny given the backstory... At least maim the scoundrel :D

    I was wondering if you've ever given thought to printing these as cards and selling them?

  2. Hi Stickup,
    I must admit that I was a little inspired by Ivana Trump in the executuon (pardon the pun) of this maxim. I remember seeing her interviewed after The Donald had dumped her and she came out all sparkling and glittery and generally overhauled.

    And, yes, I have thought of printing these & selling them as cards and possibly as calendars/journals. I've done up individual cards on request but haven't yet gotten into the real logistics of multi-faceted production. Thanks for giving me a friendly nudge in that direction.

  3. she look like a a poodle dog ...
    wonderfull ironic work

  4. nouvelles couleurs--
    A poodle, yes! Prancing about like poodles do on their tippy-toes. I should have given her a diamond dog collar.