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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Allowed 4

I've been distracted life or something resemblilng that lately so haven't been playing with my paints much this past week.  I was inspired to put together a couple of little collages, though, using an anniversary party invitiation that I received in the mail.

I even used the lining of the envelope (the little turquoise and yellow patterned bits), as well as pieces from another lime green envelope that I'd been hoarding saving for just such a purpose.

I made 2 collages using the same colour themes and scrap sources, digging into my drawer of paint cards from the hardware store and tearing strips from pages of an old journal of mine I'd kept several years ago.  I hate reading about my trials and tribulations from the past.  I think mostly because I'm dismayed to find that I'm still dealing with many of the same "issues."  I didn't realize until I posted this second collage here that "Allowed 4" seems to be its underlying message.

What pleasures have you allowed for in your life this week?  I have enjoyed a surprise return of warm weather and indulged in some swing sitting with a cup of good strong tea and an engrossing book from the library.  To say nothing of some spontaneous collaging--but it looks like I already said it.



  1. I like these collages and I like your question about what have we allowed for in our lives this week.
    I played at attending a virtual ball at the Willow Manor fantasy for me and distraction...I didn't hold back! I also allowed the pleasure of this fall weather, a last dip in the pool and a few tasty dinners in the kitchen. Studio today...allowing myself more and more art time. Thank you for helpful reminder about allowing!

  2. The pleasures that I have allowed for in my life this week could be the three chocolate bars I bought on sale.

  3. I look forward every week to your artwork. I am fascinated by this stream of consciousness made visual. That is an allowing extraordinaire in my book. What do we allow ourselves and what do we deny? A very deep matter that deserves much consideration because everything is a choice.

    I will share that I allowed myself to skip on all responsibilities to work, kith and kin to a treat myself to a solitary day's drive in the Mojave Desert culminating in a little ice cream treat at Peggy Sue's 50's diner in Yermo.

  4. Blue Sky Dreaming,
    I allowed myself the diversion of watching you and a few others prepare for the ball at Willow Manor. It did look like a fun indulgence.

    I think it's important to notice when we're allowing ourselves to take pleasure in the moment--the autumn weather, good meals, as you say. Perhaps the pleasure is in the noticing.

    I'm glad you mentioned allowing yourself more studio time, especially as this is something I truly need to work on for myself.

  5. Shirl,
    The pleasures you allow yourself are simple but intense. You've earned them! I hope you didn't consume all 3 in the same sitting, though.

  6. Stickup Artist,
    Well, I take pleasure in hearing that you look forward to this weekly artistic rendez-vous.

    You're so right about everything being a choice, although it often doesn't feel like it is. Sometimes it feels like the easiest thing is to not make a choice...but that in itself is a choice...and every choice we make has a consequence. That's the hard part, I think--facing up to the consequences of the choices we've made.

    Your solitary drive in the Mojave with an ice-cream treat thrown in for good measure sounds like an exhilarating choice! I would never have the balls to do such a thing and am filled with admiration for your gutsiness and sense of adventure. I hate driving (learned way too late in life) so have limited my horizons through my choice to remain stuck in that fear/dislike. I do push those boundaries from time to time, though. A solitary drive through the Mojave. Wow. Something I'll only ever read about. (Did you ever see the movie Baghdad Cafe?)

    Good to know what become of pretty pretty Peggy Sue, by the way.