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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pull up a Chair

I've been working on a commission this week so haven't made any new art for myself, for you, for the blog, for my well-being.  I have, nevetheless, spent quite a bit of time in my little Photoshop world.  I'd quite forgotten that I'd stacked these chairs away, so I've brought them out for you to sit in and wait and relax until I'm back.

I find wicker furniture has so much character.

A grouping of chairs, artfully draped, calls out for a tea party, don't you think?  Or would you prefer wine?

And who wouldn't love a rocking chair in the corner of a room with a view?
Just ring for tea or cocoa or brandy if you like.

à bientôt!


  1. ... PS I have two like the first one and I adore them

  2. nouvelles couleurs--
    I will reserve the wicker seat for you! I'll just fetch a cushion for your back and a little footstool for your feet.

  3. Love especially the treatment on images 1 and 3 and the artwork on the walls reflecting on the glass tabletop of number 2. Put me down for some cocoa, please!

  4. Stickup Artist,
    Would you care for some mini marshmallows with that cocoa? Or maybe a dollop of whipped cream?

  5. The wicker chair looks so inviting but the rocker has the view...champagne would be a delight.

  6. Would love to sit in one of those chairs and chat with you. Let me know when you are ready to pop the top on the bubbly!

  7. Blue Sky Dreaming,
    Champagne, of course! What was I thinking--the perfect libation to serve here. I'm sure it could be arranged to have a wicker chair put next to the window for you if you prefer it to the rocker.

  8. Joyce,
    We might get just a bit giggly over the bubbly! Careful not to overturn the rocking chair if you sit in it.

  9. tea for me, of course, of course - and the dark-lilac chair ah - where is this room?

  10. Roxana,
    Would you care to try some Lady Earl Grey? It's one of my favourite afternoon pick-me-ups.

    Both the room with the colourfully draped chairs and the room with a view are at a beautiful inn on Vancouver Island called Sooke Harbour House. It would be a gorgeous place to chill out, contemplate, beach walk, gaze at and/or buy art work, and dine luxuriously--if one only had the means to rent one of their cozily luxurious suites. It was treat enough for me just to visit the premises.

  11. Oh I love these photos - especially that first chair - great to find you x

  12. Lulu LaBonne,
    Lovely to see that you've put some clothes on and teetered over here on those wonderful stilettos of yours. Here's a glass of bubbly to welcome you on your first visit. I've enjoyed visiting your blog for quite some time now so I'm happy to be able to provide some amusement for you in turn. xo