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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maxim of the Week

Taking a break from house cleaning to watch her favourite TV soap, Mildred is moved to tears by the characters' betrayal of each other.
Cleanliness is next to godliness.


  1. I'll keep this is mind next time I clean. Let's see, I think that might be about 6 months from now. Chuckle.

  2. sukipoet,
    Oh,you're on the same cleaning schedule as me!

  3. Nature abhors a vacuum.

  4. DCW,
    As do I, DCW, as do I. I threw mine away and bought an old-fashioned carpet-sweeper for the one rug in my house.

  5. Who showed up for supper- definately a fave! Most excellent in every way and I am sure in person it is even more texturally delicious- rich-MS.Mildred a kindred spirit...though moved more by commercials and the national geo channel... I find soaps to be hilarious.

  6. LindaSue,
    I'm happy you can relate to both our artist friend who showed up for supper and to Ms. Mildred. Isn't it terrible to find one's self weeping over commercials?! Mostly I groan aloud and roll my eyes at them and think that idiots must be making them up, but every once in awhile...

  7. I did read your follow up comment about how you approach these and find it fascinating. And it seems you have so much fun with it. But now, poor Mildred, such a gentle sensitive soul. I hope she doesn't flip her channel to the news. I'd be sorry to see the state that would put her in! I love her hairdo, glasses, and especially, her robe!

  8. Stickup Artist,
    I do have fun with it! I have a stockpile waiting to painted, though, so am trying to hold back from making any more for awhile. My original goal was to make 1/day for a year.

    Yes, poor Mildred. Lost in her own sad little world. You'll notice that she has her hankderchief at the ready, probably freshly ironed that morning. She harkens back to a time when women wore "housecoats" over their undergarments (see her slip peeking through?) while doing the housework. I think she reads the gossip magazines and avoids the news of the world as much as she can.

  9. Love her bangs and sensible shoes.

  10. Shirl,
    I'm pretty sure she cuts her bangs herself and that I sold her that pair of sensible Kaufman-brand house slippers back in the days when I was working at Woodwards and going to art school.