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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bixi Babe

I love this lady!  She emerged as part of my ongoing series about "let's see where this goes" (ie. unplanned painting).

©2010 L. Ciacco, Lady on a Bike Riding Through Town.  Mixed media on cradled panel, 10 x 8 in.

Are you familiar with Bixi bikes? 
They're solidly built public bicycles for rent in many large cities. 
My daughter lives in Montreal and there's a Bixi stand on her street corner. 
I didn't have the nerve to try one last time I was there as it's been a few years since I was on a bike,
and Montreal is a BIG city. 
But this is sort of how I imagine I would look if I got the nerve up to try one. 

Obviously though, this lady is riding her own bike,
complete with wicker basket attached to the handle bars. 
I love her look of calm confidence and concentration.  Very sure of herself. 
So where do you suppose she's off to?
And where did she get that hat?!


  1. I really like this painting of the gutsy woman on the bicycle! I also like giving up some of the control and letting the piece (and your subconscious)guide you; it usually makes for more interesting art!

  2. She is a woman after my own heart. I love cycling practically more than anything, so anything or anyone with a bicycle always captures my heart. I would like to think she is off to nowhere in particular, just enjoying the sensation of seeing the world from that point of view. And mostly enjoying her capacity to do so in her own way, at her own pace, and on her own steam. I love it!

  3. I love the expression on her face. Very determined. I think she's off to buy half a dozen cream buns for tea and a bunch of sweet peas.

  4. Sharmon,
    Thanks for stopping in. I'm enjoying letting my subconscious take the handlebars and steer the work these days--lots of fun surprises. I'm glad you agree. "Gutsy" seems a perfect adjective to supply to our cyclist friend.

  5. Stickup Artist,
    I like your idea of the lady on the bike being out for a spin just because she loves doing so "in her own way, at her own pace, and on her own steam." A not too rugged individualist who knows her own mind.

    I miss biking. I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 22, but made up for lost time once I did, biking all over Vancouver. It's been a long time...must get back in the saddle...must first of all buy a bike! I'm too wimpy for the hills around here, though. I remember that incredible sensation of freedom riding a bike gave me. Yes, seeing the world at one's own pace, under one's own steam. You got it.

  6. Art Propelled,
    You noticed her look of determination. But it's not grim determination is it; more like determination to get to the bakery for those cream buns in anticipation of having them for tea!

    I love sweet peas. They were one of my grandmother's favourite flowers. I can imagine a bunch peeking out from our cyclist friend's pannier on her way back home. They'll look lovely in a little yellow jug on her tea table.

  7. I so love her hat and her wonderful face. The whole scene is perfect...little birds and those shoes! I would imagine she is starting out for the bank but will end up in the park.

  8. she is definitely determined to get there wherever there is. Much nicer to view the world from a bike than from a car.

  9. Blue Sky,
    I'm glad you appreciate Bixi Babe's unique sense of style. I'm sure she'd be thrilled that you like her hat and red Mary Janes. Some things just never go out of style, eh? A little detour to the park to feed the ducks does seem a likely diversion for her.

  10. sukipoet,
    I believe you're right--she's determined enough to get where life may be directing her, but in her own comfortable, unhurried manner, enjoying the view en route.

  11. To all who have commented:

    It's been such fun reading all your different takes on this charming character! All together, you've really developed a well-rounded (pardon the pun) personality for the lady on the bike.

  12. i've ended here after another tour through your works, and all i can say for now is wow, i am totally impressed - and when i was thinking i couldn't take more than that, i stumbled upon the amazing doooolls - Lynne, i am so happy to be here!

  13. Roxana,
    Oh my goodness, you really did sign on for the full tour! You need a nice big bixi bike to travel all that distance, and a large wicker basket to collect dolls and knick-knacks en route. (I'm assuming you mean dolls when when you say "doooolls"?) I haven't made any for quite some time, they take up quite a bit of space if you let them. But I could see getting back into doll-making at some point in the future. Yes, so many little beings clamouring to come into existence.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm running low on motivation these days--maybe it's the change in the weather.
    Next time you stop by we'll have to have a glass of wine or two as we stroll through the galleries. (you should see my house)
    Lynne xo