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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Look Who Showed up for Supper

©2010 L.Ciacco, Artist Twirling his Cane While Awaiting Supper at the Café, mixed media on cradled panel, 10 x 8 in.

In my ongoing exploration of seeing what pops up on randomly texturized canvasses, look who appeared!

  • It seems like I'm returning to a natural style of my own that many years of art school training attempted to drum out of me. 
  • Now, of course, I bring more experience and knowledge to the technique and use a different medium (acrylics/mixed media rather than pastels or oil paints). 
  • My experimenting with textiles also brings a love of texture to my  painting these days, in contrast to the very flat surfaces of my earlier work.
Zut alors! (gotta love high school French), I'm just enjoying the ride. 

I hope you are too!


  1. The tablecloth and apron are downright wonderful as is the whole composition and subject. If this is more like 'you' in your work than yes, I'll stay tuned...what charm!

  2. You bet I'm enjoying the ride. The rich cream colors really contrast well with the burnt warmth of the orange background really giving this one a great sense of depth. The verticals and horizontals play beautifully off each other. Love the cane twirlers graceful flowing hands and their facial expressions are delightful.

  3. sacre bleu! Ha. Well he's one cute guy. I think the humour and playfulness of your cartoons is coming through here. (the sunday epigrams).

  4. Blue Sky,
    I just realized that the waiter's apron matches the tablecloth, which I guess is suitable in a café. I had intended to paint the tablecloth in some sort of Provençal colour combo, but on reconsideration, liked it as it was. Glad to have that decision reinforced with your comment. Thanks.

  5. Stickup,
    You fit so nicely in my little sidecar! I loved using those creamy colours. I find my gut tells me what colour to reach for, and I'm learning not to question it. One of the reasons I like using fabric as an underlying texture is because it provides those lovely horizontal and vertical straight lines and planes, which I might not naturally consider.

  6. sukipoet,
    Oh, I love it when you speak French! Got a giggle out of your "sacre bleu"--you said it with such feeling. He does look a bit of a wag, doesn't he. Personally, I think the cane is an affectation. Definitely overtones of my maxims style here, you're quite right. Just doin' what comes naturally.

  7. I really like your style, Lynne and enjoyed browsing through your website. This painting is delightful! I find that if I don't go with my gut feelings I'm skittish until I do.

  8. ArtPropelled,
    Thank you for stopping by and having a look around my website. I like your use of the word "skittish" to describe the sensation of not going with your gut feelings. It really conveys the uncomfortable sensation. I will be on the lookout for it as a sign to get back into my own skin when it happens.