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Saturday, August 1, 2009

School Days Part III--School is Out!

Here are the final versions of School Daze. You can see they've been on quite a journey. By giving them layers of textured paint and tones, it adds an aged, weathered feeling to the composition rather than the nice new quilty feel in the original fabric pieces. It depends on the look and feeling you're after in your work.

These mixed media pieces are 11 x 14 inches and would look wonderful in a 16 x 20 inch mat and frame. These days I am thinking about presentation when I make an artwork--how it will be hung for display. I want to keep framing simple and inexpensive so that one could walk into an art shop or framing store and buy a ready-made frame for the piece.

Boys and Girls Together




Unmixed Doubles

You can compare them to the original fabric pieces from July 22 below.


  1. These are wonderful... how come I never got over here before ???

    Wow, do you have an endless supply of old photos to work into these ? Thanks for cluing me in to the other side of your blogging life...

    Like the preacher father in Bad Boy Bubby says at one point : "I'll be back !"

  2. Hi Owen, Fancy running into you in a place like this! Next thing I know you'll be cropping up on Sundays over at Arteologie!

    I don't have an endless supply of old photos, no...but I probably have more than I have time to deal with. I keep all the orignals, which really need to be treated to some attention in Photoshop. I also have some great ones of my own family members from the 1950's that would be a gas to play with.

    Feel free to stop by here any old time. But don't touch anything!

  3. Anonymous8/04/2009

    I like them all, Lynne, especially the duplex one with the boys in their high- waisted trousers and the girls in their prim dresses. It's as though you are looking through a curtained window into the past.

  4. Thanks! I'm glad they please you. I like that idea of looking through a curtain into the past. It hadn't occured to me. It's great to see one's art through others' eyes.

  5. I like them and I like that you gave a clear description of the process. I love smearing glue, paper, fabric and all my junk I've been collecting for eons onto canvas and paper. It's such fun to get messy and revert to childhood in the studio (ha, it's a room in the garage). I need to make more time to get out there and play.

  6. Oh good, I'm glad you like what I did and my explanation of the how. I wonder what holds us back from just getting to our studio spaces (no matter what form they take) and just diving into all that fun and challenge that's waiting there for us to explore. I don't think I was allowed to be messy as a takes courage for me to take a chance on making something out of the big mess that happens on a canvas. It's an exhilarating process, no?