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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

School Days Part II

I decided to fling paint at my sweet little fabric compositions and bring them over to the dark side of mixed media--nyah ha ha ha ha! (wicked sounding laugh)...
I cut watercolour paper into 11x14 inches for each composition, glued old dressmaking patterns to the front with liquid matte medium, coated the back with primer (cheaper than gesso), and glued the fabric composition to the front (once everything was well dried) with gel matte medium.
Next step was to randomly and quickly dab some Unbleached Titanium acrylic paint onto the fabric and the dressmaking tissue using a small sponge. I tried to keep the photos mostly clear of paint.
Wanting to keep the red and brown tones as well as adding a rusty sort of old feeling to the piece, I quickly spread some Burnt Siena with a paint brush around the perimeter of the fabric and into the ground.
To give the compostion more depth, I mixed Payne's Grey with Raw Umber and applied it with a sponge roller, beginning from the outside edges so that the colour lightened as it got closer to the fabric. I also lightly applied some of this colour to different areas of the fabric itself, as well as flinging paint at it from a loaded paint brush.
More paint was added, some of it was rubbed off with alcohol and/or scratched into with a wooden skewer; each piece was worked on individually until it felt complete. All five are now finished and will be posted here once I have time to photograph them.
I hope you'll like them--but it's too late now if you don't! Nyah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!


  1. Hi Lynne

    I do I love them. Do you print the image onto the fabric in the printer or transfer it?
    Just lovely

    Happy days

  2. Hi Delwyn:
    I'm happy to have your positive vote! I print the image onto an acetate sheet (bought at an office supply shop) then transfer it to fabric with liquid matte medium. I've tried many times to print directly onto fabric (adhering it to freezer paper or regular paper) and my printer just won't do it. Frustrating! But this transfer method generally produces good results.

  3. Reading your comment on Namaki's blog I clicked on your name:
    I would love to see the end result as a whole.Will there be a part III to your "School Days" project?
    Very interesting process.
    Such interesting collages.

  4. Hi Thèrése, Nice that you found your way over here. Yes, there will be a Part III. I still have to process the photos in Photoshop and will post each one to show how they changed from the original fabric composition.