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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

School Days

Boys and Girls Together





Unmixed Doubles


Here's a mini-series of stitcheries and photo transfers I just finished. The photos were given to me by my neighbour, who was about to throw them out, not knowing who anyone was in the pictures. In my ongoing effort to clean out, declutter, and use up all the supplies and stashes of stuff in my studio, I put the pictures together with some fabric I had on hand. I find that the compositions are fine as they are but I am tempted to push the envelope and see where it leads me. Most anyone can stitch together themed fabric scraps and print out some photo transfers to produce a satisfying craft project, but how does one turn craft into art and make it a more personal expression? I feel a whole lot of collage and paint coming on!

On the other hand, maybe I should just matt them and frame them and leave well enough alone?


  1. Your Neighbour7/28/2009

    Nice to see these photos put to such beautiful use. I love the red/black/tan colours - they really suit these old pictures.
    The children are some of my mother's pupils from the 1930's.

  2. Thanks, neighbour! I hope you won't be horrified when you see how the pieces have...digressed! But I still have the originals at any rate. One person's trash becomes another's treasure. Now, how about you taking some of mine?!

    BTW--there's a little girl in some of these school pics who looks like she could be a relative of yours.

  3. Your Neighbour8/04/2009

    I've never been horrified by anything you've done yet.
    As to the little girl, anything is possible but I have never heard of family living in Hoosier.

  4. Hey neighbour, I just stumbled upon your comment. Better late than never? I will have to point out the little girl in question. She wears glasses and looks very intense and studious.