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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not So Simply Red

Here's another double-page spread from my art journal.

There's a lot going on in these two pages.  I used cut-up bits of other peoples' art work from the magazine, Arts Canada, then slathered them with an off-white dollar store paint to integrate them into a cohesive whole.

Overall, they make me feel happy.  There's so much action and colour and movement suggested.

There are a lot of interesting areas to mine from these pages, which I fully intend to do over the next few weeks here.  I think we're all longing for spring, if not summer (well, perhaps not my friends from down-under who are heading into autumn) so I thought I'd start with this one, which reminds me of red sands, grass-covered dunes, and fluffy white clouds floating through summer blue skies.

At least that's my take on it. 
 Perhaps your impression differs?


  1. Do I see a Finn Slough influence?

  2. DCW,
    Oh, good take! I could see that, yeah. Never would have thought of it myself.

  3. Happy abstracts- I love these! Looks like total freedom!

  4. I like the part of mining...turning, discovering bits of inspiration. You are right these two are chock full of interesting beginnings...have fun!

  5. wonderful inspiration pages. they make me feel happy too and full of life. maybe it's the red? have fun creating.

  6. Marginalia,
    I like it that you like that.

  7. Sharmon,
    Freedom to play and not worry about the results because it's just goofing around and exploring. It would be fun to play like that on a big canvas, I think. But will content myself with dreaming big on small pages.

  8. Blue Sky,
    Yes, working in a gold mine here! I wonder if it would be as satisfying to try and recreate some of the nuggets on canvas...or would that just turn it into fool's gold? Worth doing a little gold-panning, perhaps.

  9. sukipoet,
    Red does have that effect doesn't it. And polka dots. I definitely created a big playground on these pages to run around in and explore. Glad that you're having fun here, too.

  10. so beautiful! i am taken with both of them, but i think i am drawn to the second one more, the first one is the pure energy of creation but in the second one i see a bit of melancholy as well sneaking in, maybe that strange green-yellow, or maybe it is just the feeling of clouds, slowly passing away, like time (which is to say that i completely agree with your take on the image, i also see that sand-dune landscape).

  11. Roxana,
    A bit of melancholy, the slight hint, its taste like salt on the breeze. How perceptive and poetic of you to notice that. It had escaped my awareness, but yes...I see it now; I recognize and claim it. It speaks to me through that small rectangular blackish area.

  12. Great that they make you feel happy.The first word which came to mind for me was fun.

    Happy mining!

  13. These are so gorgeous and rich, so intelligent and accomplished, yet seem so completely spontaneous. I am in awe...

  14. Ruby,
    An excellent response, "fun." Definitely a playground.

  15. Stickup,
    I am going to print out that comment in very big letters and have it made into a giant poster and hang it in a prominent place!
    Not really, but I'm pretty chuffed by such praise. If these were actually big honkin' canvasses, I think they would be great (dare I say that?). As humble, small-scale experiments with glue, papers and cheap paint, they allow me a freedom that I don't normally find in my "real" paintings. But I guess I am drawing on all my art experience when I come to this playground I set up for myself within the confines of that old magazine. Isn't it ironic that one can "learn" to be spontaneous?