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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maxim of the Week

On his very first kiss with his very first girlfriend on their very first date, Liam was mortified when their orthodontic braces got locked together.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.


(I think this fits well with the previous post)


  1. A nice look back, I love this fun illustration. Greetings.

  2. Whoever is careless with the tooth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

  3. Difficult not to stay present in this situation,maybe they have problems embracing change!!!

  4. Oh my gosh.. I never thought of this happening before, but surely it could.
    Funny... since so many have appliances now.. guess dentists had to do something since flouride was put in the water and there were less cavities to work on, but i digress..

  5. Sweet - my first Sunday a.m. giggle. Thanks Lynne.

  6. I bet the Eskimos don't have this problem.

  7. Haha, very charming! I mention this often, I know, but I do love the shapes you create and the way you use the space within them. I can't stop looking at these characters' hands.

  8. Excellent! This actually happened to the daughter of a friend of mine - the mother was furious because the mishap then entailed a very expensive visit to the orthodontist to repair the damage!!

  9. Yes, Spring is all over us here at the beach...the birds are making quite a wild song! Love your photoshop on the last post and what could be more scary then the braces hook-up!

  10. Leovi,
    Never had braces myself, though I still remember my first kiss.

    Indeed, in such circumstances, if one is not careful, the tooth will out.

    Forest Dream,
    I love your philosophical and psychological analysis of the situation!

    I think the quest for "perfect teeth" is even more rampant now than ever before. And have you noticed how very white "celebrities'" teeth are? Dentists: I'm sure they're not in it for the love of oral hygiene.

    I love it when you giggle.

    Maybe not, but they run the risk of their noses freezing together. (I beleive we are being politically incorrect here).

    What's that expression, "Talk to the hand"? I don't really know what it means, but I thought it appropriate to quote in response to your comment. Really glad that you enjoy my squiggles.

    Oh, that's too funny! I know I should be more sympathetic to the mother's situation, but really--that it happened to someone you know is just precious. I did hear a similar story on the radio recently, which was probably the inspiration behind the drawing turning out the way it did.

    Blue Sky,
    Thanks for your two comments in one! Nice to know that spring is busting out all over somewhere. Gives me hope. Here, it starts and then it stops and harkens back to winter.

    Excellent pun! Your command of English is most impressive. I wish I could say the same for my French.

  11. If Liam was mortified, what did his (un-named) girlfriend think of it ? Must have been terrifying, that moment of thinking they might be stuck like that forever ! Sort of like... marriage. :-)

  12. Owen,
    You must remember this,
    a kiss is still a kiss,
    a sigh is just a sigh.
    The orthodontic ties
    that bind
    as time goes by.

    moonlight and braces
    are never out of date

  13. The expressions on their faces is priceless! I guess this is where the term "lip lock" must've come from!

  14. Poor Liam.. he seems horrified!!! mind you not sure his girlfriend has even noticed!!

    Love the big splashy art piece at end of last post.. wonderful colours!!

    Sorry I've been so absent.. just become a big slacker!! Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  15. Stickup,
    "Liplock"--haha! I'll just gloss over that one.

  16. julie,
    I love it that you don't even pretend to have any noble sort of reason for neglecting the blogging world. Slacking off works for me as a good excuse. Great to see you whenever.