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Friday, April 13, 2012

Love in a Foreign Land

After a few hours of happy Photoshop tampering with a collage on paper from my art journal, here's what evolved

c.2012  L.Ciacco, Love in a Foreign Land, Digital Art from original collage on paper

A suggestion of dancers, mystery, landscape, movement, meeting,
 spring, rites and rituals--
the mating dance of falling in love

Love often takes a circuitous route, 
especially if it is transpiring in a foreign land;
and is not love always in a foreign land.

But love can turn cold

and send us hungering into the northernmost reaches of our heart 
where the ice is the thickest,
 the permafrost seemingly impenetrable.
It is an arctic awakening,
frought with dangers.

Only let your heart
to new possibilities
and the light will flood in
like the dancing colours
of the aurora borealis


  1. Full of magic and meaning Lynne. I come here to be inspired.

  2. A well told story of climate change. Is the cooling something that happens inevitably or because we let it or because we actually go searching for it? I like the verb "hungering". It makes me favour the latter interpretation. Is the warm and constant abundance of the tropics not as satisfying as discovering the unexpected spectacle in a landscape of wanting?

    This is quite wonderful.
    Awaiting the next.

  3. Bonnie,
    Thank you so much for saying that!
    It really means a lot to me.

  4. DCW,
    I don't think we go looking for it, necessarily. I think the ice crystals start forming around the heart's perimeter when we aren't paying attention. The climate change creeps its way in, almost imperceptibly, until the chill around the heart seems its natural state. The fires must be tended, the embers kept glowing, the sparks allowed to fly off into the vast unknown to light our way.
    The ice age is a time of closing down. A time of hungering. We arrive there already hungering because we have starved ourselves of the warmth.

  5. This is an amazing series of words and images. The collages are fantastic! I always respond to your freedom of movement, the wild gestures that find a structure and coherent statement. Which blows me away because I know what a major talent that is to pull off, like Braque and Picasso or the abstract expressionists. I wish I had that freedom myself. About love... I once heard an interview with a couple that were married for like 50 years and they were asked how they managed to stay together so long. The man answered and said that yes, they had gone thru periods when one had fallen out of love with the other, but it just was never at the same time.

    Had to delete my first comment because I wrote abstract impressionists instead of expressionists!

  6. Fascinating,your last statement says it all!

  7. I love this mix of collage and photoshop work... it is genius!

  8. Stickup,
    I am flattered, and a little flabbergasted, at your comparison of my work to the abstract expressionists--their freedom of movement, etc. My offerings are so humble, really; just making do with dollar store paints in a repurposed magazine, playing with other odd bits and pieces of paper until their arrangement somehow pleases me. Perhaps that's what allows the freedom: no expectations. Which is probably the secret of a longterm marriage as well: if you go in with no expectations you will not be disappointed (that's what I read recently).

  9. Forest Dream,
    Then I need say no more.

  10. cristina,
    I love to mix the tangible collage stuff with the intangible digital to make something completely new. I am so pleased you think it "genius"!

  11. I love these beautiful and exquisite compositions. delicious collages, a good job.

  12. Leovi,
    Such wonderful words to have applied to my art. Thank you!

  13. hi Lynne! Love IS a foreign land. That last piece is my favorite- just amazing!

  14. Sharmon,
    The last bit was a happy discovery hidden within the larger collage. Isn't it exciting how combining hands-on art with digital discoveries can produce something completely new? And from here, I could bring it back (or forward?)to an actual painting. This is a foreign land, full of discoveries to be made.

  15. I know I probably sound like a broken record but these collages are GORGEOUS!

  16. Gaby Bee,
    Oh your broken record is music to my ears!