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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maxim of the Week

Gerard found he got more action from the ladies by dressing like a hero from the Romantic Era.
Once a knave, always a knave.


  1. In the church one must behave
    Before the altar is the nave
    It's just the "K"
    You have to shave

  2. Ha! Gerard seems more actor, playing a part. Sometimes the fantasy of something (or someone) is better than the reality...

  3. DCW,
    A knave having a close shave in the nave? Can't help but wonder if the barber of Seville was involved.

  4. Stickup Artist,
    Oh how true! Our fantasy of who we think our beloved is is often far removed from who they truly are. Perhaps that is why absence makes the heart grow fonder...but that's a maxim for another day.