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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Possible Possibilities

Here's a page from the "art journal" I made from an old magazine to play in and keep my artistic hand limber while I'm away from my home studio.

c.2012  Lynne Ciacco, Upfronting Minds, acrylic & pastel on magazine paper, 10 x 8 in.

It was done very quickly and spontaneously, using dollar store acrylic paint, some old oil pastels I found in the closet (left over from my high school days!), and liquid matte medium. 

By cropping the image differently, other "paintings" can be produced, creating a series.

These could provide inspiration or jumping-off points for paintings on canvas I might do in the future.  They provide a different approach, at the very least, for  my way of picture making.

c. 2012, Lynne Ciacco, Circle Dance Squared, Digital Art

And for making digital art, they provide fine fodder.

This is the first image seen at the start of this post, plus a repeat of it flipped 180 degrees and superimposed on the original.  I toyed with Distort: Wave: Square in Photoshop's filters, and used a final blend mode of Exclusion.

I only wish I could get the same effect in the "real" world of paint on canvas. 

Hmmm, maybe I could...


  1. This would be a great diptych.

  2. Hi Joyce,
    That's a great idea. In fact, I would take it one further and make a triptych of 3 different sized canvasses put together to make one larger rectangle, each with a different "crop" of the original composition. I'm kind of excited by this idea. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful abstract composition, I like the freedom that comes from its execution, excellent.

  4. Dircle dance Squared; I like both the image and the title.

    WV lastsho - midnight movie?

  5. i love your abstraction!!

  6. Love the action in these! Abstract expressionism comes to mind. The broad, brave, confident gestures and how the medium is applied is beautiful and exciting.

  7. I knew it!!! Lynne is back! I knew that you would bounce back with something fresh and exciting.Gorgeous jewel tones!!!
    You MUST paint this on a big canvas.
    Could this be your next series?

  8. Leovi,
    I am not surprised that you appreciate the abstraction! It is a wonderfully freeing way to make art and look at the world, isn't it.

    Circle Dance Squared: a sacred circle dance done wearing western attire and performed in a barn to fiddle music and chanting. Not all the reviews are in yet but it could well be the lastsho for that particular dance company.

    and I love that you love my abstraction!

    Yes, abstract expressionism would best describe this process and form. I'm surprised that I was able to be so free on such a small format, but I think it was because the whole thing was non-intimidating: cheap paint, found substrate, old pastels, nothing to lose, nothing to prove. Just the spontaneous enjoyment of engaging in art making. It was as if I just snuck up on it...or it on me.

    Hello to you, too! So glad to see you back online. By your reference to the "jewel tones" I suspect (fear)you're referring to the Circle Dance Squared digital art piece? That would be one tough sucker to try to reproduce in paint and whatnot. Not to say that I mightn't be up for the challenge. Will have to see when I'm back in my studio. Lots of great scope for texture making! Wipe on, wipe off. Mixed media, but no fabric. Yes...

  9. I was doing some blog hopping and found you. I have looked over your blog, and I must say your paintings are amazing! Love your style...and your profil pic:)

    Gaby xo

  10. Am gloriously galumphing through this visual jungle... I thought I saw an olliphant... could certainly hear it trumpeting for joy...

  11. These are very cool, Lynne. I see where you could do a series of paintings based on these, but the digital one is amazing.

  12. Gaby Bee,
    Thank you for buzzing around my blog. So pleased you liked what you found growing here. Nice to hear that you also like my profile picture because I think it sometimes scares people away.

    An olliphant you say! And did you also happen to espy a huffalump? A galumphing huffalump?

    I am very tempted to try my hand at using the digital image as a jumping off point for exploring paint and mark making on canvas. This way madness? The trick will be to use it as inspiration yet be in a zone of spontaneity that will allow surprises to happen.

  13. I just had to write and thank you for your lovely comment and for being a new follower on my blog!
    I'm following you now also and will be adding a link to your blog in my sidebar.


  14. Gaby Bee,
    Excellent--a mutual admiration society!