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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Quick Study

Being in the midst of Christmas planning and prepping, being far away from my studio, there is not a lot of energy or inclination for art making...not even Christmas cards will be hand made this year. 

But today, just before dashing out on still more errands, I  felt compelled to grab my little box of water colour pans and whip up a quick sketch of the view from my bedroom window.

Toying  with the image a little in Photoshop tonight,
I found myself feeling pretty much in the pink.

I hope you're all feeling many shades of happy.


  1. I like the energy I can feel in your painting...

  2. in the first version i love the dots of watercolor scattered across the page. that's sure some wonderful view.

    thanks for your comments on my poem. you always have an interesting take and in depth things to say.

    hope your holiday is full of love, light and laughter.

  3. Since you are an artist, art goes with you where ever you go. What a delight that you can post it for all of us to enjoy!

  4. Lovely sketch and pink win. May you have happy feet on your Christmas preparatory walks.

    WV - subboatte: a type of underwater craft seen prowling Burrard Inlet?

  5. I like the pink version,it does feel warm and happy.

  6. I'm so taken with the transition of this piece. Love the sky here of the second piece. Both are beautiful with the first showing your hand and the second showing an inner light. Happy Holidays!

  7. The magical things that go on inside that mind of yours !

    Now, did you splutter out a mouthful of your morning coffee there or is Jackson Pollock's ghost trying to infiltrate your skull ? :-)

    Or is it just that Saj came by and spilled a drink on it ??? Whatever, the end result is gorgeous....

  8. Otli,
    Yes, very fast, very edgy, very scribbly, in a big hurry to get it down. Glad you feel it!

    I'm glad you like the dots. I hesitated before whipping them on there, but I think they add a sense of depth and of "don't take this too seriously" and maybe even of rain drops, which are plentiful in this region.

    Being an artist, yes, an inescapable curse/blessing/way of being and seeing. Rather like the Crowded House song lyrics, "Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you."

    PreYVRmas prowls, starting to get a little damp but better than whitewashed with snow!
    As for those subboates, there are indeed frequent test dives taking place out in the drink behind my mother's place as there's a N.Van. company that builds little submergibles. Very curious to watch when the "mother ship" is in view. Binocs are always at the ready in the kitchen here.

    Forest Dream,
    A little air of mystery, warmth, and romance just after sunset I think? Always pleasant to see the world through rose-coloured glasses.

    Blue Sky,
    I love it that you say you can "see my hand" in the first. I really like to see the personal "mark makings" of an artist myself. They're like an energy signal.

    Or maybe the intimation was that a flock of seagulls flew over, or a cloud burst had just hit?
    Hmmm, I wasn't too sure where you were going with your remarks, but seeing as you finished with the word "gorgeous" I guess all's well that ends well.

  9. i totally second blue sky dreaming (what a fab nickname!)... i like them both very much!

  10. All comments about your artwork should always end with the word... Gorgeous... seagulls or not !

  11. johanna,
    thanks so much. I had fun doing them

    Let's make that a rule! I'll put it in a rider on all my gallery contracts.