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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maxim of the Week

In her latter years as school band director, Mrs. Pendergrast found that she really didn’t mind having lost most of her hearing.
It’s music to my ears.


  1. hehe.. Mrs Pendergrast has it all figured out!!.. love that tartan skirt!! Love all the little details that make up your characters..pursed lips and all!!

    You know at first I read this as 'lost most of her earring'

    Have a great week leading up to xmas.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. I know how she feels.

  3. Any resemblance to real persons purely coincidental?

  4. I've heard of the blind leading the blind; is this a case of the deaf leading the tone deaf ?

  5. julie,
    I have such fun watching these characters appear under my pen. They each have their own fashion sense and distinct personality...though I wonder if they're like dream imagery, all an aspect of the Self. Now where's that damn earring?

    A case of covering one's ears and singing "Falalalala, I can't hear you!" ?

    Haven't we all experienced a Mrs. Pendergast at some point in our school years? I remember as a very young child, there was a certain "old" woman who sang very loudly at church, and somehow I was always seated in front of her. She had the worst voice and taught singing!

    That should be a new maxim! It could perhaps be applied to old soundmen who amp old rockers' comeback shows these days.

    I'm just waiting for the day that cat's eyes glasses make a comeback...preferably the ones with rhinestones.

  6. Yes, I understand perfectly, because my photos are first an beauty for my eyes, if you get to enjoy what you do certain that you had just infect someone. Beautiful and charming illustration.

  7. ha! As someone who works right down the hall from the band room, I think Mrs. Pendergrast has it all figured out! awesome maxim as always!

  8. Leovi,
    What an excellent attitude and approach to making art. If it pleases one's self, it is bound to please someone else. I like that! Though I know one can't please everyone. To touch only one person is a gift in itself.

  9. Sharmon,
    You might want to take a page from Mrs. Pendergast's book...I mean use it in a collage! (or scrunched up for ear plugs?)