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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's It All About, Elfie

Look who I found frolicing in my yard this afternoon.

Not wanting to frighten him away, I quietly snuck up to him.

But it turned out that he was more than happy to oblige me with a photo op!

This enchanting little fellow is the result of a doll-making round robin I participated in a few years back.  I made the body, painted the features, and put the doll on a bare stand then sent it all off to the next person on my list.  I think we were four in all, each in a  different Canadian province. Everyone created their own doll pattern and there were no instructions as to how the doll should evolve (what sort of character, age, sex, theme).  One person did the hair, hat and shoes on mine, another the costume, the final recipient created the setting on the base I had provided.  I was completely surprised and utterly delighted when this little fellow returned to me.  I would never have thought to develop him into such a happy little elf.

*And now I'm going to be skipping off for a few days myself, so there will be no maxim this Sunday and perhaps no postings on Ragzedge for a little while.  But I will be back!*

Meanwhile, please enjoy what's left of autumn before Old Man Winter comes blowing in.


  1. What a cool idea! One better than those drawings one person starts, folds the paper, and the next person continues with the next body part. On and on till the paper is unfolded. I think whoever put the little acorn (?) cap on his head is my favorite!

  2. Have a fine time then as you go skipping off through the leaves in elfen company, and travel safely, travel lightly, gathering light so as to better dispense it...

  3. Stickup,
    Isn't that cap brilliant! I don't know what kind of nut/acorn it is but it's much bigger than anything we have around here. The little cocoon-like things he's gathering were from, I believe, Lousianna. It's amazing how generous each doll-maker was with her time and imagination and skills. The jacket and pants are made of leather. And what a cool idea to put pantaloons over the pants, don't you find? Yeah, that cap is just too much fun.

  4. Owen,
    The unbearable lightness of travelling with only a small carry-on.

  5. May you and elf travel happily.

  6. He's adorable and original. I esp love the bird's nest and hat. have fun on your travels.

  7. send him back. He escape from our garden 10 years ago. Had reports of sightings in France, Greece, Japan and now Canada.

    Did he have his London Transport travel card with him, and his packet of peanuts?

  8. What a face to love! This is a wonderful project because everyone has their touch.
    Have the best travel days ahead!