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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Although Abimbola's grandmother loved looking after him, she couldn't wait for the time when he would learn to walk.
You've got to stand on your own two feet.

To learn more about the Grandmothers of Africa and for an opportunity to lend support to them through the purchase of an original piece of textile art,  please visit Valerie Herder's


  1. A grandmother of our mutual acquaintance is involved with Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers. Worthy cause - thanks for the reminder.

  2. Could the solution to the ravages of Aids in Africa be in the hands of the Grandmothers left to bring up the orphaned children? Seems now it is up to them to pass on the information acquired from Agencies such as mentioned, to these children and it is encouraging to hear that these Grandmothers are assuming this responsibility. They deserve all the help that can be given. Knowledge will be the saving factor.

  3. Africa can be saved by women!!!

  4. The whole world can be saved by women (I hope...)

  5. Hi Lynne
    His grandma certainly loves him to pieces!!

    I'll check out this link..

    Happy Halloween.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. DCW,
    So much healing needed in the world; good to begin with one small step from home leading outwards.

  7. Shirl,
    Your words are so true. Education is in the hands of these caring grandmothers with the wisdom and ability to raise sons (particularly sons!) and daughters with the tools needed to lead healthy, productive, caring and responsible lives. Grandmothers rule!

  8. Ötli,
    I was going to say "the world can be saved by women" but Owen (see his comment below yours) took the words right out of my mouth!

    (J'allais dire que le monde entier peut être sauvé par les femmes mais Owen l'a dit avant moi.)

  9. Owen,
    Je suis bien d'accord. (See above comment to Ötli.) Women of the world unite!

  10. Julie,
    I've heard that loving one's grandchild to pieces goes with the territory.

  11. Beautiful design for a smart maxim.

  12. Leovi,
    I can take credit for the design, but not the maxim itself.

  13. With a little help from our friends!
    Thanks for the link.

  14. Forest Dream Weaver,
    Friends make the world go round.