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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Having outfitted himself with a suit and accesories from the Goodwill Shop, Osmond feels that he is dressed for success.
You must cut your coat according to your cloth.


  1. I don't really like this idea,but I guess that's how it is!

    Thanks for your interesting comments on my blog,I love the idea of fairies creating tiny gloves.I hadn't thought of the pool being a metaphor for being in the moment,this something I'm constantly trying to achieve(with some degree of success).

    Safe journey to Vancouver!

  2. i have not heard this maxim before but actually i like it. plus i too shop at such shops, in fact made a trip to cape cod so i might refresh my winter wardrobe via thrift shops. LOL.

  3. I love his troubled, yet hopeful expression - you capture people so well!

  4. Forest Dream,
    We have to make the best of our circumstances, whatever they are. Osmond has set out for his day of work and has already earned quite a tidy little sum, judging by the bills and coins in his cap. It could be worse!

    I think you have a very tender heart.

  5. sukipoet,
    Visiting the finer bargain shops of Cape Cod: what a wonderful excursion! I bet they have some real treasures there. I hope you made some good finds. I'll be making regular rounds to of a few of these types of emporiums while I'm in Vancouver. The thrill of the hunt! Although I usually come away mostly with books.

  6. Susan,
    They just seemingly pop out of the page, ready-made! It's great to start out with no preconceived idea and see who shows up.

  7. good for him- looks like that scarf was a good find

  8. Shayla,
    I think he got it at Frenchies.

  9. Hi, I have looked on your blog and you make wonderful and beautiful creations. Love it.
    Lovely greet

  10. Marginalia11/28/2011

    Disurbingly,the image reminds me of myself!

  11. Osmond looks like he has been dealt a hard hand in life. I have nothing but compassion for him.

  12. Marja,
    So nice to make your acquaintance and to take a tour of your blog in turn. Thank you for your visit and kind words.

  13. Marginalia,
    I figured it would be all right if I published it on my blog seeing as you are so reluctant to publish self-images on your own.

  14. Stickup Artist,
    Osmond's making the most of what he's got,which is more than many can claim to do. His existence certainly gives us reason to express gratitude for our own well-being and to delve into the depths of our compassion for the suffering and trials of others, as you have so finely and sensitively expressed here.
    I'm amazed at what feelings and reactions these scribbles from my pen can conjure up!

  15. Perhaps Osmond is happier than most.. content with his lot and small things still surprise and cheer him.. You have such a way with your characters... always express an emotion beyond the obvious...

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  16. Julie,
    I suspect Osmond does his best to keep a bottle of liquid cheer on hand at all times. Those rosy cheeks and nose aren't solely due to the chilly weather.

  17. Ötli,
    Ösmond says "Ömmmm"