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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fly Away

I'm madly preparing digital files to bring with me on my fast-approaching trip to Vancouver so I'll have something with which to amuse myself and keep the creative fires burning while I winter over there. 
In sifting through what to bring, I came across this digital collage I made awhile back...

©2011 L.Ciacco, Take Flight, Digital Collage

I used several free downloads from the internet and applied various textures and effects to the resulting composition.  You can find links to sites with free images and textures on my sidebar, under the "Fun and Useful" heading. 

Meanwhile, I am flitting madly about my gilded cage, gathering up seeds for thought and art-making, completely in a flap.  One more week and I'll be taking flight!
But I will still be peep-peep-peeping at your blogs, and dropping messages here.

(yes, the writing's on the bottom of the birdcage, if we only know how to interpret it!)


  1. Nice collage, I like those soft tones that delicacy, great! Saludos.

  2. Hi Lynne
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!.. or are you Canadian? well hope it was a great day!!!

    Love the little birdcages.. and love the maxim this week. She reminds me of those little russian nested dolls. [can't think what they are called]

    Have a great weekend. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Writing on the bottom of the birdcage? What ya guano do about it?

    WV - undefing: a garment by Stanfield's

  4. Beautiful collage. I see it as a time machine...

  5. You Lucky so and so.. escaping this white stuff!!!! maybe the steam from your jet fuel when you are leaving will melt some of it.. Guess it is hibernation time again..

    This is Very Cool layering and would make beautiful fabric.

  6. Leovi,
    Thanks! I did enjoy using quieter tones than I usually tend to use in my "real" paintings.

  7. julie,
    I am Canadian! But I certainly enjoyed our Thanksgiving way back in early October, complete with turkey dinner. After eating a big serving of it, I looked rather like one of those Russian nesting dolls myself.

  8. DCW,
    What am I guano do about it? Why, millet over, of course.

    (undefings! hahaha!)

  9. Ötli,
    What a wonderfully imaginative interpretation!

  10. Gwen,
    A fabric, yes! I hadn't thought of that. Your creative, pattern-seeing mind is working overtime. No, just normal time I guess, in that its natural setting is "on."

    You are so right, I am absolutely escaping that wintery white stuff, although a cold winter is predicted for out west this year. It does happen. Still, better than 10 feet of snow! I really did hibernate last winter...I still have the weight to prove it.

  11. How lovely! I haven't delved into this art genre yet. I have so many fingers in the pie right now, there's no room for more! I'll just enjoy your creations. Have a safe flight. :)

  12. Taking these beauties and then finding more inspiration in Vancouver...recipe for a great winter migration!

  13. Nancy,
    Sticky fingers and a rooster named Mick Jagger? I see a theme running through your life! You are wise to stay away from this type of collaging while you have so many other creative endeavours going on; it is highly addictive and time-consuming.

  14. Blue Sky,
    A winter migration, yes! I hadn't thought of it like that, but you are so right. Last year I stayed put and ended up hibernating. I'm ready to fly away home this season...though am getting confused about which coast is really my home. Both I guess!