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Friday, September 9, 2011

Float Your Boat

A blog friend, Bonnie, of Pixel Dust Photo Art, is launching Photo Art Friday today.  The rules are simple, just post a photograph of your own that you consider to be artistic, whether it's straight out of the camera or somehow digitally altered, and add its link to the gallery over at Bonnie's.  There's already some very visually stimulating work being shown there. 

This is a photo I took at Finn Slough in the Vancouver lower mainland area last spring.  The slough is a fascinating place and I've been posting about my visit there over on my Décolleté blog for the past couple of weeks.  I wanted to give a painterly effect to the original photo and was very happy with a texture I found at Shadowhouse Creations.  Okay, so not the prettiest of scenes, but rich in atmosphere, don't you think?

Be sure to head over to Bonnie's to take a tour of the other photos posted for Photo Art Friday.  And join in if you feel inspired! 



  1. LOVE this image. You really have achieved a painterly feel. Thank you for sharing it with everyone at Photo Art Friday. (Thank you too for the good word and link!)

  2. a wonderful effect you achieved editing this! to me it gives the mood of tom-sawyer-huck-finn films...

  3. Bonnie,
    Thanks! And thank you for the opportunity to share work with and meet other bloggers. The only thing missing is wine and cheese!

  4. johanna,
    Ah, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer--how I loved those books as a kid. Thanks for the great comparison.

  5. The texture makes it look very atmospheric and somewhat mysterious. Nice job!

  6. In seine how you can catch the scale of the ambience.

  7. beautifully layed out picture love it.

  8. Great atmosphere...number 10! I visited Photo Art Friday and liked the assortment...beautiful photos.

  9. I love those wonderful tones full of magic that I wake up delicious emotions. I really like the textures. A magical ship.

  10. Meri,
    Oh, I like that you detect a note of mystery in it. Thanks.

    There's something fishy about your comment.

    The scene was artfully arranged, all by itself. How lucky is that!

    Blue Sky,
    Thanks! I'm happy that it pleases you. Fun to get out and about and see new sights/sites isn't it. Glad you took the time to take the tour.

    The tones and many textures of the place were quite magical. The texture that I applied to the photo really accented it all. I'm pleased that it evokes strong emotions in you.

  11. I like it! - It has a softness about it with the texture you added and really makes for a very interesting photo.

  12. mysterious. nice rusty tones. one might write a poem or story based on this.

  13. I like the rugged 'working boat' feel you've achieved, fits nicely, love it!

  14. Ida,
    Isn't it interesting that the boat and environs are so rough and yet the overall feeling is one of softness? I mean, the place itself was like that. The texturing in Photoshop served to emphasize this.

    Well,some certain someones with certain abilities might be able to write a poem or story about this! Feel free!
    I'm glad you enjoy rusty tones--they're favourites of mine as well.

    Your comment to me about my photo is like catnip to a cat!

  15. Anonymous9/09/2011

    Shadowhouse Creations is my favorite textures...

    I saw on CNN earlier where they had a 6.7 earthquake near Vancouver today... I hope everyone is ok

  16. Hi Tricia,
    Your message was the first I heard about a tremblor in Vancouver today! I checked the news online and it was nothing serious, though people all over the southern coast did feel it.

    Shadowhouse textures are just so darn good I can't resist them! Thanks for your visit.

  17. Very awesome! I live in Washington on the East Side, I'd love to get over to the West Side and take more photos! I like the colors, they make the scene come to life!

  18. love the depth and detail in the image - seems to hide so many stories

  19. Love the colours and composition....and the placing of the blue bucket,it's like a gift to the artist!

  20. The Majesty of Plastic
    The wood rots and sags and gets overgrown, the metal rusts, and who gets the last laugh? The lowly blue bucket that had the good sense to be made of plastic.
    I LOVE your photo (as usual).

  21. atmosphere IS the right word... and any efforts to explain the richness of it are doomed to fail (but through a photo we can feel the mood instantly, and beyond words). thsi makes me remember Heidegger's mood-definition:

    "Moods [Stimmung] are something that cannot be straightforwardly ascertained
    in a universally valid way, like a fact that we could lead everyone to see. Not only
    can mood not be ascertained, it ought not to be ascertained, even if it were possible to do so. For all ascertaining means bringing to consciousness. With respect
    to mood, all making conscious means destroying, altering in each case".

  22. Beautiful. Looks like a painting from one of the old masters. Nice editing.

  23. Jimh,
    Conversely, I never get over to the east side of Washington, though I visit friends in Seattle so am sometimes in the state. The scenery and colours in the slough are just oozing all its decaying glory. Thanks for your visit.

    Finn Slough has quite a history to it, involving Finnish settlers who set themselves up as fishermen and established a community here. It is a recent discovery for me, and I haven't delved very deep into its story but there's info online. It's more of a creative challenge to make up our own stories, though, isn't it.

    Forest Dream
    You always have such an interesting and positive point of view. That blue bucket really bugged me and I had to tone it down so that it didn't draw all the attention to itself. But now I see it as more of a jewel shining out from its quiet setting. I'm still glad I quieted it a bit, though.

    I see you subscribe to the same school of thought (more or less) as Forest Dream Weaver (see my previous comment) when it comes to singing the praises of the lowly blue bucket. I've come to appreciate it myself now. You probably know from your quilt making expertise that it's often a good idea to introduce a little something unexpected into a composition. Thanks for your enthusastic support of my "work"!

    Oh my goodness! That's high praise indeed. I think I may have to use your comment as a quote in my next press release.

  24. Roxana,
    As with the Victorian attitude towards children, moods should be seen and not heard?
    Or, rather, felt but not analysed? Sensed but not shared? The viewer's mood determines the mood of the picture? Or the mood of the picture influences that of the viewer? When I say this photo invokes a moody atmosphere, I have a sense of what I mean, but in the viewer what mood might be invoked? We all bring our own moods to the tableau.
    Although I am playing here a bit with you, you have raised an excellent point about mood and atmosphere and actually caused these rusty cogs of my mind to turn a little faster than in their usual circumscribed ways.

    But yes, how true that we can "feel" moods rather than describe them. I wonder if we learn this ability to sense mood while we are in the womb.

  25. This is a truly magnificent image Lynne!
    I absolutely love the wonderful tones and textures.
    Beautifully done!

  26. lisa,
    Thanks so much! I am blushing pink with pleasure at your praise.

  27. This is wonderful retro. Great work !
    Have a nice Sunday.

  28. Seraphina,
    It does look like it's from another time,doesn't it. The whole place feels as if you're stepping into another era.

  29. Great shot. I love the colors in this photo. Shadow House has some great textures. I love the use of the texture and it does give it a more painters feel to it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.

    Bright blessings,

  30. Kathy,
    So we share an appreciation of Shadhowhouse textures! I try to resist them and make my own, but his are just too good to pass up.
    I'm glad you see the painterly feel in my treatment of the photo: it worked!
    Thanks for taking the time to visit and spread your light.