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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Winston was proud to take the group's pledge of helpfulness, honesty, obedience, and chastity.
Promises are like piecrust: 
they are made to be broken.



  1. Are these lederhose he's wearing?

  2. Great picture, and I love that quote lol

  3. Forest Dream,
    No, they're just khakis. Lederhosen would be politically incorrect!

  4. holdingmoments,
    Thanks for stopping by for a slice of maxims. Glad it wasn't too crusty for you.

  5. Excellent!!!
    Can you see the smile on my face?

  6. Ötli,
    Your pearly whites are dazzling!

  7. Same as rules, but it makes life more interesting.

  8. And like piecrust promises often hold such promise ~

  9. Shirl,
    What? Rules are meant to be broken??? Why didn't anyone tell me sooner!

  10. Driftwood,
    Wait a minute, I need to hold a mirror, or a shiny pie pan, up to the words of your comment in order to understand it...

  11. I like pie! Unlike dear Winston, who looks so earnest, I like 'em flaky!

  12. I'm sure your heart is not made of stone as well ;)
    The next heart shaped stone I'll found will be placed into a pocket ! Nice idea.

  13. Ötli,
    My heart may not be made of stone, but my piecrusts often seem as if they are!

  14. Stickup,
    When you say you like 'em flaky, are you referring solely to piecrusts? Well, even so, my own piecrusts are more akin to leather than fluff, so you will have to make do with the flakiness of my personality rather than my baking.

  15. Thanks for the reply.Your illustrations are always splendid,I sometimes feel they get lost in the rhetoric!

  16. Forest Dream,
    My little maxims have rhetoric? Wow! They begin as scribbles that I make with my eyes closed and then after looking at them for a time, I discern a person, animal, etc. and then go from there with embellishments. Whatever story the resulting character suggests to me is what I write. I think it's funny to have a complex story for a scribbled cartoon. The maxim itself that I tack on is, admittedly, often a bit of a stretch.

    Thanks for expressing your opinion, which I found extremely interesting. Great to hear other points of view.