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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Things

I got ridonculously carried away this morning, fooling around with a photo, some downloaded graphics and  a few free textures.  At the end of my labours, I figured the image fits quite well with the theme over at Kim Klassen's Café this week, "It's the Little Things."

Lady with Bird

This is my "watercolour" version.

The setting (wall, foliage, flowers) is my own photo, taken of a house in Halifax NS.  The lady in the hat is a free image from Stampington & Co., and the little bird is a free download from the Vintage Moth.
Textures I used include free downloads from Kim Klassen Ca and Shadowhouse Creations.

Victorian Postcard from Stampington & Co.
Bird from Vintage Moth

Original photo

And here are two variations on a theme

Litterature Française

She did not try to catch them

I have to tell you, this is certainly not in any direction I intended to go this morning, or with this photo, but it was a fun trip.  I hope you've enjoyed the ride as well.

I now return to my regular programming...whatever that is.



  1. Beautiful photo art editing! I really like all three. Takes you to another time and place - which we all need sometimes ... :)

  2. Lynne, amazing how your turned your pretty photo, found images, and textures into affecting pre-raphaelite portraits! Suddenly the woman becomes "una amante della natura," musing, still, at eye level with the equally-engaged red bird. I like the addition of the language "not trying to catch them" and "litterature francaise" subtly displayed on the wall and window frame. The matte texture of the bricks and the vivid-contrasted with-subdued richly matching colors are the coup-de-grace of these luscious designs!
    Thanks for ridonculously!! Great word!

    wv: bilpati
    Beak delicately attacking a galette!

  3. Excellent, reminds me I must clear the garden.

  4. I so enjoyed seeing the photos BEFORE your touch. The final piece is charming and magical with all the elements belonging...this is quite amazing to me.

  5. Bonnie,
    Yes, a little escapism through the magic portal of Photoshop. As the milk motto goes, "Does a body good!"

  6. Margaret,
    Thanks for this very intriguing analysis of my humble offering. I like the "Pre-Raphaelite mention.

    "Ridonculous" is a word gleaned from one of my tv addictions of the summer, So You Think You Can Dance Canada. One of the choreographer/judges uses it liberally. Ridiculous with an edge, no?

  7. Marginalia,
    Would you care to put me on a retainer to deliver such reminders regularly? Or is that what wives and city councils are for?

  8. Blue Sky,
    It is so much fun and so terribly addictive and I almost always feel that I should have been doing something else, so I'm very happy to receive your encouragement and appreciation of my (perhaps misplaced) efforts.

  9. So romantic and dreamy, like a good old Jane Austin or Emily Bronte. I'd love to stroll in a delicate garden! At least here I can imagine...

  10. It certainly looks like you're having fun.....going with the energy flow!
    I like the images with text.

  11. Stickup,
    I agree, a little dreamy romance does the soul good from time to time. Photoshop provides a good source of escapism for me. I love that you've set the scene as taking place in a Jane Austen or Emily Bronte novel! Perennial favourites.

  12. Forest Dream,
    Yes, going with the flow these days, and it seems to be flowing into and out of Photoshop.

  13. How nice to see the way you added layers of meaning and your own ideas to this collection of images. Amazingly Victorian looking!

  14. Jenny,
    The rewards of happenstance! Glad you like the results.

  15. A beautiful work... The lady seems less lonely in your world!

  16. Ötli,
    I hadn't noticed that! But how true, she does seem melancholy in the original. I'm so glad to find that I've cheered her up...or the little bird has. Just goes to show how important one's environment is.

  17. I am flaberghasted by what you've achieved. That's something I kind of understand how it works but wouldn't be able to achieve. The result is STUNNING. Congratulations !

    (in my opinion the first photo is the best)

  18. Nathalie,
    What a lovely surprise to find you strolling about this Victorian garden! Thanks so much for the kind words. Photoshop is a super playground and a great tool for someone like me whose photography skills are so-so. Definitely not a tool that a wonderful photographer like you would need! I like how I can take a photo and turn it into something that resembles a painting but is an art form of its own. Merci pour la visite!

  19. Great combination, great processing with excellent results. Lovely.

  20. Leovi,
    Thank you so much. And thank you for taking the time to sift through my older postings.