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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Billet Doux

A little "billet doux" (love note) comprised of 17 layers superimposed on a simple photograph of a pink dogwood flower I recently snapped at the Halifax Public Gardens.

The layers making up this image, include textures graciously supplied for free downloading by Kim Klassen, Shadowhouse Creations, D.J. Pettit, Stampington, as well as Photoshop brushes

and my original flower photo.

I send out love and wishes that you, my blog friends, are feeling in the pink.

Victorian Post Card from Stampington



  1. beautiful and ethereal. you are so good at this layering. to me it looks like layers of gauze.

  2. Love it! Especially the way she seems to have a belly button although clothed. It gave me an idea - well 2 ideas: I am moving and will most miss my birch tree which looks like a dancer with one leg up in the air - I've been here 23 years and looked at her daily. I want a large portrait with layers imposed on top. Maybe I can try that. Or - maybe I can find the page on your site where you give prices? Point me to it?

  3. Bonjour, que c'est chouette ce que vous avez fait ,si toute fois vous acceptez, comment avez-vous procédée pour cet art,j'aimerais essayer ... merci .
    Bonne journée.

  4. Feeling pink now I have read.

  5. Just lovely! Susan's comment prompted to look again - and I do see the 'bellybutton'. Therese and I want more details about how you proceeded with all the layers... if you are willing. :)

  6. Amazing...all those layers and no loss of the dogwood petals. I found myself looking all around the piece...plenty to see but staying subtle.

  7. I love the way the flower radiates from her heart.....beautiful,joyous,enigmatic,timeless.
    Thank you!

  8. this piece is just beautiful! breathtakingly beautiful! what a fantastic layering job you have done - and the dogwood is one of my all time favorite blooming trees! with pink being my favorite!

  9. So soft and light but not "fluffy".
    Absolutely beautiful!
    Lynne you did it again!

  10. sukipoet,
    Layers of gauze are just the sort of effect I was hoping for! I'm glad it works for you.

  11. Susan,
    I didn't even notice her "belly button"! Must be her alter-ego showing through.
    A "price page"? of those "must get around to doing it" sort of things. What would you have in mind? An altered photo? If you e-mailed me a hi-rez photo and let me play with it (keeping the original intact of course)? I think the pricing would be $20/hr. and a layered photo usually takes me about 4 hours to complete; although, it could take less, depending on the amount of layers and effects involved. Interested? Choking on your coffee?

    Another possibility for you would be to take a good photo of it and have it made into a giclée print on canvas of a good size. Framed and hanging in your new home could be pretty wonderful.
    Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to discuss the idea of a layered photo a little further.

  12. Bonjour Thérèse,
    Merci pour ta visite! Je vais poster un petit "how to" dans quelques minutes...J'espère que ce sera, sinon utile, au moins intéressant pour toi.

  13. DCW,
    I thought you left your pinko ways behind at SFU?!

  14. Bonnie,
    You and me both were blind to the belly button exposure! I rather like the little air of daring it lends the lady. I'm about to post a list of the layers and blending modes that I used in this piece so that you'll get an idea of how I went about it. Pretty much trial and error!

  15. Blue Sky,
    Subtle is an element I was hoping to accomplish with this piece. I didn't want it to look grafted together--more as if it was just naturally blended. I'm happy that the composition kept your eye moving, especially as I had a devil of a time trying to de-emphasize the flower's centre right smack dab in the middle of the picture.

  16. Forest Dream,
    What a lovely insight, that the flower emanates from her heart centre. I hadn't thought of it in quite that light. And the centre happens to be the appropriate colour for the heart chakra. Serendipitous!

  17. Gypsywoman,
    That's a very unusual flowering tree to have as one's favourite, I think, but you are, I believe, a very unusual woman (and I mean this in a very positive sense!)
    When I was visiting Halifax recently, my friend was in absolute thrall with this pinkly blooming tree, never having seen one before. It happens to be one of the few plants of which I actually know the name, as the dogwood is the provincial flower of British Columbia where I was born. This was one of the prettiest specimens I'd ever seen.

  18. Jackie,
    I believe I've finally got you turned on to pink! My work here is done.

  19. ah!
    her heart, blossoming like a huge pink flower, expanding, embracing the entire universe, until her body itself dissolves in this love and grace embrace...
    more than lovely...

  20. Roxana,
    And your description of this picture is more than lovely! Thank you. I am often unaware of the meaning of my work until after it's done, and it's always fascinating to hear others' interpretation of it.

  21. Wonderful- delicate and gorgeous! thank you!

  22. Sharmon,
    Well, thank you!