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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Standing at the altar, Ian begins to worry that his bride isn't going to show up for their wedding.
There are no gains without pains.



  1. She worries about altaring her lifestyle. He had said, "We cantelope", and now she's gets melon colic.

  2. Ever optimistic,I think his worries may stem from to his expectations!

  3. Can we say there are no pains without gains as well ?


  4. A very funny illustration. Poor boyfriend! Saludos.

  5. DCW,
    Poor Ian had a slight altarcation with his bride the night before where she made veiled threats about letting the best man win.

  6. Forest Dream Weaver,
    I suspect Ian is one who always arrives early while his bride tends to show up fashionably late. I foresee years of couple counselling ahead for them.

  7. Ötli,
    No pains without gains? Hmmm...that's giving me a bit of a pain in my head to ponder but if I come up with an answer that will be a gain! Birth pains...growing pains...yes! by jove--I do believe there can be pains with gains. Phew!

  8. Leovi,
    Ian does look a bit rumpled and worried, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. In fact, here comes the bride now!

  9. Poor Ian. It certainly does seem to go like that in life. Gains are so often the result of painful experiences. I guess the trick is to skip the pains. I just can't figure out how to know what areas to work on without the guidance of the pains. This one is close to my heart right now...

  10. Stickup,
    The really hard part is that we can't see the gains of the situation while we're immersed in the pain of it all. We just have to work on trust that the situation will eventually prove to have been one that promoted positive growth on our life's path. sigh.