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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interconnected Creativity

Again, I am privileged to have a piece of my digital art featured on Deborah Lawrenson's beautiful blog, in a post she's titled "The Art of Translation."  She discovered it when browsing through my website. Subsequently, I realized that I hadn't posted it here on my art blog (or if I have, I can't find it: such is the power of my organizational skills).

©2010 L.Ciacco, Alibaud, Digital Image

Because this is digital art, I made several versions of it as I experimented with different blending modes and layers.  This a darker, more brooding image than the one Deborah has posted. 

Deborah says that she feels very strongly that different forms of creativity are all interconnected.  I have had many instances in my experience as an artist where this has certainly been the case, such as fellow artists discovering that they'd been working on the same subject matter unbeknownst to one another,or had the same idea without having first communicated with each other.  And in this instance with "Alibaud," it stemmed (pardon the pun) from a photo sent to me from Owen Phillips of The Magic Lantern blog, challenging me to see what I could do with it in Photoshop.  And now here it is linked to another artist, who writes charmingly of its effect on her and gives an excellent insight into Rimbaud's poem, Sensation, which is seen here on the digital "painting" in his own handwriting.

Blogging, I would say, is an interconnecting art form in and of itself. 

To read Deborah Lawrenson's blog on today's post, The Art of Translation, click here
To see the original photo from Owen Phillips (scroll down the posting of June 11/10), click here

Please note, my lovelies, that I will be away from my post for the next week, visiting my daughter (featured in the Alibaud picture) in Montreal.  So, no maxim this Sunday, but it will return on  the following Sunday, June 5.  Hope to see you there!



  1. The original is very good and your processing too, pure poetry, delicious and exquisite texture. I love people like you who unashamedly express their original sources. Deborah is a person who, just by reading their descriptions, you can see who is an expert in seeing the beauty around him.

  2. Beautiful piece. I went over to Lawrensons blog and enjoyed it once again. Have a wonderful time away and I'll watch for you in June

  3. Love the mood you have created with your artful editing. Will pop over now to Lawrenson's blog to see the other version.

  4. Ohhhh, there I am! The flowers are prettier. See you soon! oxo

  5. How will we cope?

    A maxim a week helps me work, rest and sleep.

  6. Thank you for a glimpse into your creative world. It's beautiful and inspiring. I feel my writing will be that much better this morning.

  7. I shall not speak, I shall think about nothing:
    But endless love will mount in my soul

    “People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child -- our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”
    Thay Nhat Hanh

    Mood well expressed by your "Alibaud"

  8. Research, emulation the thoughts and the beauty are in the air, but the artist (only ?) knows how to seize them (?).

  9. Well, there is so much going on here, but I'll concentrate on the catalyst, your digital collage. There are so many nuances to enjoy. I particularly like the little gray floral elements, like a pale border, that contains the soft, drifting, dreamy quality oh so subtly. Gives the image the Sensation of becoming or emerging. There is nothing static here.

    I do agree with Deborah about Interconnectedness and think it applies to everything, everywhere, for all time.

    HA! Word Verif is layary!

  10. A beautiful, delicate piece!

  11. The images are both beautiful and look very suitable for a book cover......I prefer Deborah's version for the extra clarity.
    I love the surreal effect you create in your digital work.

    Best wishes!

  12. Oh, Lynne, you may be the cover artist of another book! I very much enjoy reading Deborah Lawrenson's take on your work and how she connects it to other artforms. I can see why she loves your mixed media paintings!
    Owen's delicate, pale pink buds are an extension of your exquisite young daughter, wide-eyed, with just a blush to her cheeks. Then to add Rimbaud's poem (in his own handwriting!) about walking in the grasses on warm blue nights, dreaming... the quintessential mixed media portrait! Alibaud is a beautiful, luxuriant, sensuous (Sensation) dream. Congrats!

    WV: protopl . . . . . . pro topple
    I am pro the topl of violence.
    I am for the defeat of violence.

  13. Hello my blog friends,

    I am so grateful for the lovely, thoughtful and well-considered (as well as humourous) comments that you have lain at the foot of this post. I had no idea this piece of digital art, combined with Deborah's insights, would provoke such beautiful associations as you have made.

    As I've been away this past week and am just getting back into the blogging groove (I didn't even check my e-mail while away!) I won't answer the comments individually this time. But please know that I've read and appreciated each one. Thank you, all!

    Lynne xo