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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Share/Bookmark  I am experiencing technical difficulties with Blogger. It's posting my photos at approximately the size of a pin head, and I can't zoom in on the angels dancing on top of it to find out how many there are and solve that age-old mystery.

The same problem's happening on my other blog, Décolleté.
If you don't hear from me for awhile, you'll know why.
Please stand by.

(The maxim is actually posted here to the left!  Maybe you could see it with the aid of the Hubble telescope.)


  1. Lynne. I'm sorry to hear about your technical difficulties; very strange. I can't seem to get to the Hubble telescope, as my spaceship is on the fritz. I'm sure the maxim is awesome, though, as usual!

    Good luck with the blogger problem!

  2. It's a known issue which seems to be effecting those uploading in IE. There's a thread in blogger's "Something is Broken" forum. Try uploading in a different browser.

  3. that's pretty strange but I know nothing abt counmputers etc so have no advice.

  4. Aha, sounds like Stickup knows what's going on. I should clue in my friend Eva at Wrestling With Retirement - sounds like she's been having trouble too.

  5. We see the gent but not a word
    Technology is quite absurd
    Yes, the picture is quite small
    And no text appears at all
    But if the words appear to wane
    We'll take the Count
    In a lighter vein

  6. It's amazing that the tiny little square clicks to a full-sized image! It looks like an Asian King Lear! Was there a caption? Good luck! Owen said he was having some difficultues, too! ♥

  7. Sharmon,
    So sorry to hear about your spacecraft problems! Does nothing work properly these days?!

  8. Stickup Artist,
    Yes, I'm following the thread. Am using my mother's computer and don't want to rock the boat by changing any of her settings as I'm just glad she's using a computer at all. I see a little html tinkering will rectify the problem on a per image basis.

  9. sukipoet,
    I remember your difficulty with changing your header awhile ago. Eventually, somehow, these glitches are figured out and overcome and blogging life goes on.

  10. tattytiara,
    I have a feeling Stickup would be the Go To Girl in any dicey situation. Jeez, I don't think I'd have any trouble "wrestling with retirement." I just wish I had a pension to retire on.

  11. DCW,
    Don't count him out yet!

  12. Margaret,
    I do love your always original take on things: an Asian King Lear! ha!