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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maxim of the Week

There was always a twitter from the ladies in the dining room of the Senior’s Centre when “The Count” arrived for supper.

Clothes make the man.

(Thankfully, the Blogger glitch has been cleared up.  Thank you for your patience and sympathy.  I hope the wait was worth it!)



  1. Yes, indeed! Especially the dracula pointed-ear cape! And I thought it was an Asian King Lear! ha

  2. Margaret,
    Do you suppose that he gives the ladies an extra thrill by whispering "I vant to bite your neck" as he passes by? I've seen lately some older gentelemen all duded up in nice suits and ties and they looked absolutely charming. I'm tired of the baseball hat and tee-shirt syndrome most guys of my generation seem to favour. Please-a little more style and imagination, though not necessarily a cape. What do you think? Does your man have style (in a good way)?

  3. Love those blue suede shoes.

  4. Shirl,
    I think the Count is channelling his inner Elvis. Maybe we should change his name to the King.

  5. I wonder if false teeth come in a fang? My boyfriend has more clothes than anyone I know and loves clothes shopping and I hate it. I think we're scrambled!

  6. Stickup Artist,
    False teeth with fangs! That is such a funny idea. Might induce a few too many heart-attacks, rather than heart flutters at the home, though.

    So your boyfriend is a bit of a Beau Brummel...but does he own a cape?