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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maxim of the Week

After dutifully picking up her infant niece from the baby carriage and expressing her admiration,
Aunty Mona isn't quite sure what to do next.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
(alternately: the tough go shopping)



  1. How soon we is sort of like the birthing process itself.

  2. Patricia,
    I know! My maternal instinct didn't kick in till I had my daughter; and now that she's all grown up, it seems to have gone dormant again.

  3. Yes,I've been there.......the shopping!!!!!

    Enjoy Vancouver!

  4. Both may Mona lot until the rhythm kicks in.

  5. May I suggest she return the little one to its carriage – one should not Monapolize a baby.

  6. Forest Dream Weaver,
    Good medicine when applied in the right dosage, is shopping!

  7. DCW,
    It's more the wailing and wetness of the baby in hand that has Mona living up to her name.

  8. Driftwood,
    Aptly spoken. Mona recognizes a Perfect Excuse when she hears one! She's blowing you an air kiss on her way out the door.

  9. Hi Lynne~ Did you do the drawing? It rocks! Love that stroller and Mom's face! My reply was going to be exactly what you said a few comments up: It depends on how wet the diaper is and how sour the baby's facial expression is to determine length of staying time!

  10. Margaret,
    Yes, the maxim of the week is always a drawing by yours truly. I do a quick scribble with my eyes closed, then later in the day go back and add in lines to make it look like a person/situation, and paint it with watercolours. Then I think up an anecdote to go with it, and hunt for an appropriate (or loosely fitting) maxim. I never know what/who will turn up!

  11. Stickup Artist,
    At least you did the obligatory pick-up and admire first. You did do that part, didn't you? I remember my best friend from school days (whom I hadn't seen in years) holding my newborn sort of at arm's length and being very relieved to pass her back to me at the first hint of a whimper (the baby's, not my friend's).