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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have Glue Stick Will Travel

 By the time you're reading this, I will be on the "other side" of Canada, out west in Vancouver, ensconced in my mother's house for a few weeks.  Before leaving, though, I thought I'd post another collage poem I did, again using magazine cuttings.  I used an article on sexy lingerie from the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper because I loved the colours and patterns (and because it's about as close as I'll ever get to owning any underwear like that). 


Take your own path;
empower yourself.
It’s always about
seeing your
future French lessons

(perhaps an alternate title could be "L'objet de mon désir")

I'll let you mull that over while I make my way west. 

I have 2 glue sticks, a large envelope of magazine cuttings, and 5 sheets of cardstock packed and am hopeful that I'll have a few things to stick up on Ragzedge while away from my post.  I've got several maxims up my sleeve as well, so they'll continue to pop up on Sundays as usual.

And of course I'll be around to see what you're all up to!

ciao for now! xoxo



  1. I like the way you used the lace - totally transformed the textures.

  2. I hope your trip ticks along well out on the Pacific Coast. Look forward to a light shining from the west instead of the east.

  3. "It’s always about seeing your future French lessons paid." Amen to that! Love the triptych idea and the carry through of elements and colors, and of course, the message! Have a wonderful and safe journey!

  4. tattytiara,
    Tatty lace is right up there with a tatty tiara in my books! Glad you like it.

  5. DCW,
    I'm hoping it will all be tickety-boo, in the ticking along dept. So far so good. Green is very soothing for snow-blind eyes, I find.

  6. Stickup Artist,
    I love that line, and I'm so happy you picked up on it. "French lessons"...such a good stand-in term for anything we dream of doing and aren't sure we can pay for. Life's needs/wants/treasures/
    dreams/desires...being able to pay for them. Some sort of security against boredom and sameness. Travel/growth/new knowledge/new adventures. And the wherewithal to pay for those necessary little luxuries that add spice to one's existence,like lacy lingerie.

  7. I love how things just pop up for a collage! I see that official receipt marked "paid" for those French lessons! You could open an alternative center teaching art, collage, poetry, philosophy...
    I'm happy for your trip out west! Bpn voyage!

  8. Margaret,
    What a wonderful idea: an alternative centre for making fun art projects. I would need a big session of hypnotherapy first to give me the confidence to take that on, though! I'll see how the dream/collage workshop in May that I'm presenting with my friend goes before opening my own "school" I think.