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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Time

I'm not one for sending valentine cards or getting mushy.

But tonight, after a long session at the computer while getting to know my new printer, I just felt like playing a bit.  I started with a photo of a bouquet I recently received, then added in an old movie star face and a French postcard (not quite the same thing as a French letter!) and the whole thing evolved into a valentine.  Sort of.  More or less.  Well, it says "Valentine" on it!

The ingredients:  Just add love and stir!



  1. hihihihii I'm too not to send valentin's card...

    but your card is nice, must be not sending only on valentin's

    see you, great work

  2. I think it'll do fine for a Valentine. Very feminine.

  3. nouvelles couleurs,
    I'm so glad you like it. That's a great idea to use it as an all-purpose card; I can easily replace the text with another word, or add another image. Hmmmm...hours more fun ahead in Photoshop!

  4. sukipoet,
    Yay! Then my attempt at valentine art is a success.

    I have a collection of cards that my grandfather sent my grandmother on Valentine's Day, her birthday, etc. They are extremely feminine and flowery and absolutely delightful. I don't let that side of me out too often, but it's there!

  5. Oh my gosh, just realized I'm old enough to remember that actress, or
    as they now say, "actor".

    I think your card represents true romantic feelings of the past when love was so sweet.

  6. I LOVE it! The organic movement of the pink around the green is very effective. And I have to admit, I love mushy old Valentine's Day in all it's pinkness. Your card is very modern but also reminiscent of Victorian era cards. Great blending of aesthetics. Techno meets retro. Who is the actress?

  7. Shirl,
    I'm surprised, too, that you remember this actor. Actually, I'm old-fashioned, too, and prefer to call female actors actresses. Maybe young love is always sweet? Bitterness sets in later.

  8. Stickup,
    Well I am just tickled PINK that you love it! So, you're an incurable romantic? A wonderful disease to have. "Techno meets retro"--I love it. You have such a way with words.

    The actress' name is Anna Sten but I'm not familiar with her name, face, or films, though my mother says she remembers her.

  9. Love the splash of green. Gorgeous.

  10. tattytiara,
    Thanks! I had a hard time getting that colour right so I'm glad it pleases you. Your use of the word "splash" brings to mind your latest post about your wee (pun intended) dog.