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Friday, February 4, 2011

Nerve Block

I was determined to get a new piece of artwork up before it'stime to post the Sunday maxim.  Yesterday's attempt at painting went nowhere.  It's just not happening for me these days and I can't force it.  Tonight, I grabbed some papers and clippings to collage and then went at it with acrylics. 

©2011 L.Ciacco, Nerve Block, Collage/Mixed Media, 7.25 x 5.5 inches

nerve block
or just plain procrastination
Steering your ideas
through gauntlets of objections

having started here

Art imitating life again, judging from the subliminal message that turned up!



  1. Nice to know that somewhere deep within the stars still shine.

  2. I've noticed that very few artists take kindly to "down time." I like where the collage went, especially after the application of the subtle hues of layered washes. I also like the ragged edges. Makes it always seem in a state of becoming.

  3. DCW,
    I find there's always a spark in the darkness. It's what keeps me keeping on. That, and having blog friends to show up for.

  4. Stickup,
    Oh, that down time, the fallow periods, they can be quite demoralizing and terrifying, no matter how often they occur. Each artist has to learn her own rhythm and accept it, I think, and not panic. I am not fond of this prevalent mania to have to make art every day. It's not like working on a production line, although perhaps it is for some.

    I want to thank you for your always well-considered words that you leave here. They really are treasures and I am touched that you take the time and view my offerings, no matter how humble they may be, as serious works of art. "Serious" being a debatable term, of course.

  5. you do work magic on the collage as you go through the process. I like that: nerve block. yep.

  6. sukipoet,
    You get it, I can tell. Having one's nerve blocked. Similar to losing one's nerve. Only it's still there...just can't quite get through. That's why we've got to keep digging. The collage process is good for that.

  7. Lovely piece- and as you said- the message is perfect!