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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Expecting a special delivery parcel, Glenda ran from her bath when the doorbell rang, only to find two young men in dark suits carrying a Bible and peddling the word of God.
The devil can cite scripture for his purpose.



  1. Did Glenda perhaps then shoot them both with a shotgun and bury them in her tomato patch ? Disturbing people in their bath could be considered a crime worth of capital punishment... ?

    Anyway, if looks could kill, her expression seems to be wishing such an outcome. As she stands dripping in her puddle. But did she break an ankle running down the stairs ? It looks a little swollen and bruised...

    Love her matching green towels. But they probably ran off gaping and gibbering in horror at the wrath in her eyes, stung by the fear of God ! And Glenda just hissed vociferously after them, before returning to slip back into her bath...

  2. Owen,
    I have a sneaking suspicion that Glenda simply dropped the larger of her towels, put her hands on her hips, and glared at the thumpers. One of them sprained an ankle fleeing in terror at the sight of this Jezebel but the other lingered long enough to inform her that she could find redemption if she turned the other cheek.

    So nice that you rang the Ragzedge doorbell this morning, Owen. You look quite presentable in your Sunday suit.

  3. I had an encounter recently, but was fully clothed. I missed out on hearing about the Garden of
    Eden, but I can live with that.

    I do hope Glenda received her special delivery parcel.

  4. Shirl,
    So you're still finding encounters of the religious kind on your doorstep? I'm sure it didn't take them long to realize that they'd come a-knockin' on the wrong door. First clue would have been the wind they felt from it slamming? I am relieved to hear that you answer the door fully clothed.

    Glenda did receive her special delivery parcel but was flabbergasted to find that she had to pay an exorbitant amount of duty on it!

  5. Well, your faith was strong but you needed proof
    You saw her bathing on the roof

  6. Oh no, you get those guys at your doorstep too?!? I don't sense they got too far in promoting their cause to Glenda.

  7. Poor Glenda, terrybull thing to happen when one is wrapped in terry cloth - especially green terry cloth.

    WV coushun - Can Glenda please have something to coushun the blow?

  8. Oh dear, how horrible, duties on special delivery packages... I'll bet Glenda was ready to turn her shotgun on whoever sent the darn thing as well on the bible thumpers...

  9. DCW,
    I don't think Glenda would have minded so much if it had been Leonard who showed up at her door.

  10. Stickup,
    Like the Almighty Whatever, these dudes are ubiquitous!

  11. Driftwood,
    I think the religion peddlers may be in greater need of cushioning from the blow than Glenda! She really towelled them off.

  12. Owen,
    Yeah, Glenda was rather cheesed off, but she got over it. She believes to err is human, to forgive divine; but that's a maxim best left for another Sunday.

  13. probably Glenda made those guys' day.

  14. sukipoet,
    Maybe as near to Heaven as they ever got!

  15. haha, i simply adore that look on her face, you're fabulous with expressions, i have noticed that in all your work, such gift to condense a feeling (and mostly, an ambiguous one, made of a multitude of emotions, which is even more difficult) in only a few strokes...

  16. Roxana,
    It's a wonderful discovery for me every time a character emerges from those squiggles. It's like they're just bursting to tell their story, and I'm the one who has to figure it out. I'm glad that it's getting through to others as well.