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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maxim of the Week

After a lifetime dedicated to deep meditation in a mountain retreat,
Swami Dananda concludes that happiness is
a warm woollen scarf.
Think warm thoughts.

(and wear warm woolly socks, sweaters, toques, mitts as well if you happen to live anywhere like  I do! 
Go here to see what I mean.)



  1. I love to do yoga and do it practically every day. More for the stretching than the meditation, but I try. The Swami is right, needs met for bodily comfort go a long way toward fulfilling happiness. Go too far beyond that and life gets too complicated and people start fighting over things with only imagined significance. Now I'm off to see some samples of your snowy landscape!

  2. What a great maxim for this time of year! Stay warm!

  3. If last night's news, showing NB under another huge snow deluge can be used for comparison to a mountain retreat,then you should meditate, meditate, meditate, and throw on an extra scarf and maybe even a toque or two.

  4. Stickup,
    I have a yoga tape (yes, tape, not DVD) that I enjoy stretching along to about 3 times/week. There used to be a local yoga class but it's no longer happening and I do miss it.

    Creature comforts, yes. Having the right clothes for these cold winters is essential...especially for a wimpy transplanted west-coaster like me.

    "Things with only imagined significance"...too true, too true. The devolution of humankind.

  5. Sharmon,
    I thought it was a timely posting. Certainly one to which I can relate at this time of year (unfortunately). Woodstove is blasting away; warm woollies are ever present.

  6. carmenooch,
    A good bottle of Scotch would really help!

    I don't recall being under a recent snow deluge here...but it's all starting to blur together...just constant snow...and when it does's too cold to venture out.

    Do I recall you mentioning at some point that you would come visit us this winter???!!! Don't forget the Scotch!

  7. I find that PJ bottoms worn under one's jeans do the trick, that is if one doesn't own a pr. of long johns. A woolen poncho is nice too, and gives one a
    sort of Clint Eastwood look.

  8. If it gets too cold he can build an Om shanty.

  9. Shirl,
    The locals tend to wear their pyjama bottoms over their jeans!

    WV: forst
    Pyjama bottoms or no, I will go out in this frigid weather only if I'm forst!

  10. DCW,
    You have stumped me! I must seek enlightenment.

  11. tatt,
    I do so love it that you so love them! Rest assured,
    there are plenty more to come.

  12. hahaha, this made me smile, and feel suddenly warm, a great way to start my day :-)

  13. Roxana,
    Don't forget to bundle up when you go out!