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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Desperate for some time on her own to work on her Ph.D. thesis, Susan tries to convince Noah and Teddy that they'll have a very good time at Day Care.
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.



  1. Teddy looks like a trouble maker. But seriously, it is such a dilemma for women. Wanting to be there for their kids but also, wanting to make a meaningful contribution in the world. It is a difficult balancing act.

  2. Well now this one makes me think from the child's perspective, tomorrow mom will play, its always tomorrow. Think: Cat's In the Cradle by Cat Stevens.

  3. Oops - that would be by Harry Chapin, d'oh.

  4. Stickup,
    Teddy does have a bit of an attitude. My own daughter was mad at her teddy bear for many years after he "bit" her when she was about 3 years old. He's since been forgiven but she prefers not to mention the "incident." (she's 28 now).

    A difficult balancing act, to give the needed nurturance to one's child as well as meet one's own needs, yes. Certainly, bringing up a child who turns into a healthy, sane, caring adult is a valuable contribution a mother makes to society. But sometimes it doesn't turn out that way, in spite of her best efforts. I like the advice given on airplanes to put your own oxygen mask on before trying to assist your children into theirs.

  5. carmenooch,
    I foresee years of therapy ahead for little Noah! And/or a rough road for Teddy, who just may get the stuffing knocked out of him.

    You've managed well to bring up a great kid while advancing your own career/ it can be done.

  6. 'nooch,
    Yah, I was trying to recall that Cat Stevens tune!

  7. You always create the most interesting shapes!

  8. tattytiara,
    Thanks! I'm usually pleasantly surprised with what develops beneath my pen. Always nice to hear that someone else is, too.

  9. Ph.D. Thesis on the philosophy of Ram Das?

    WV : breave (deeply)

  10. I foresee a mind flooded with great ideas once Noah and Teddy are happily shipped off.

  11. I think Susan should have a
    talk with Dr. Phil and she should send Teddy and Noah to Obedience Classes, but that's just a practical old Granny talking.

  12. DCW,
    No, more like the antithesis of Ram Das' philosophy.

  13. Driftwood,
    And some good napping interspersed with "research" at the local internet café.

  14. Shirl,
    Practical old grannies got the job done! "Like it, lump it, or take your lumps" was an effective philosophy and still popular with Dr. Phil today, I'd say.