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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Surprise Visit

I had an 8 x 10 inch wooden support prepared with a textured layer of cheesecloth, budgie gravel, a negative photostrip, and dressmaker's tissue waiting patiently on my desk for further ministrations for a few weeks.  Recently, when I'd gone to my studio to finish up the little collage I'd started, I instead got drawn to the textured piece and started slapping paint onto it. Wanting to work quickly, I used dollar store bottles of acrylics, rubbing them on, wiping them off.  All I knew was that I wanted to put a human element in it.  This is who emerged.


I added Golden acrylics on the top surface to enrich the colour tones and enhance the paint quality.  I have about 20 more of these cradled wooden panels that I'd bought to frame some other work but I do believe I'm going to use them for new paintings instead.  I don't want to frighten her away by talking about her, but I do believe my muse may be back!


  1. I like this Tatianna...her gaze is magical and I adore her lips! I like the way she evolved from this and that and one day to the next.
    I too have some wooden cradled panels I'm working with this week. Enjoy your studio days!

  2. Thanks, Blue Sky! I feel she's so ugly that she's beautiful, all patched together and rough around the edges. She's obviously been through a lot, trying to get my attention. I'll be looking forward to seeing what transpires on your panels in the days to come.

  3. she seems quite strong and thoughtful. i like the black and white and greys with just small sections of color. all your work is so multilayered and evocative. glad yr muse has returned.

  4. Yes, Suki, she does have a presence that is quite engaging. After she was painted, I just kept staring at her, like I was being drawn in. Because of all the texture I kept the colours quiet, with just those flashes of bright green and red, but hidden underneath there is a lot of "heat," such as a hot pink. "Evocative"--what a lovely word. Thanks.

  5. She is beautiful! Just enough definition to be clearly there, yet still full of mystery and nuance. Hope this muse is here to stay for a while!

  6. Thanks for the reassurance, Robin. I must admit I was a bit perplexed by her...was she beautiful or freakish? I was taken with her but unsure of how others would perceive the painting. "Mystery and nuance"--good stuff! I spent another afternoon in my studio with my paints today, so it does seem like the muse is in the house.