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Friday, July 9, 2010

General Rule 3

We know that it is not in good taste because it lacks suitability and simplicity.  It is not shaped correctly for a reading lamp.  It has too many panels and fussy medallions.  There are too many dangling ornaments on it.

This is the "hard copy" final version of that  little 5 x 5 inch collage I stuck together last week, as opposed to the Photoshopped one.  I used bits of curtain lace,  an ornate stamp, a bit of wallpaper, a scrap of painted paper towel, a piece of a journal entry, text and image from an old decorating book, black and white crayons, and gold paint.  The quote at the top of this blog entry is the text seen in the upper left of the collage.  You'll also see General Rules and the number 3 within the collage, hence the title.


  1. I love the texture, limited palette and the hilarious text. It can be difficult to work inside a square but this is great!

  2. Patricia,
    I'm happy that you see the humour in it. I thought the bit about it not being in good taste due to lacking simplicity was particularly apt for my little collage. The square format is kind of fun to work with I find. Small is challenging, though. Just how many dangling medallions can one cram into 5x5 inches?

  3. Just had an awesome romp through your Flickr and then the Calabria Series which I absolutely adored. I think the best thing I can say is I've never seen anything like these paintings. So complex, wonderfully stylized, the subtle but oh so rich colors created by the build up of layers. Just marvelous Lynne!

  4. Hey, Stickup--
    Thanks so much! That's high praise, that you've never seen anything like my Calabria Series. It's fantastic to have such positive feedback on my art, especially as I'm working all on my own, out in the boonies of nowhere (or so it seems). It's wonderful to be able to share what I do via the internet, and to connect with supportive, creative people. I'm really pleased you took the time to visit.